New version coming tomorrow

First off, a big thank you to all the brave early adopters! Your feedback is greatly appreciated. My aim is to produce the Twitter client for the BlackBerry so your input is vital. Keep those comments coming!

As I noted in my last post, the current release is a bit bare bones. But I have finished work on a slightly more full featured version which I will release tomorrow barring the discovery of a significant bug. The major feature in the new version is support for twitpic. I’ve also added a one-click retweet feature. Please stay tuned.

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44 Responses to “New version coming tomorrow”

  1. Blair Says:

    There are really only two major items I desperately need in a BB Twitter app that Twitterberry is currently lacking.

    1) The ability to move from my friendlist directly to all the updates from a specific person.

    2) Hyperlinking to the update list of individuals replied to. For instance: ‘I just had lunch with @abc123’ I then want to be able to click over and see abc123’s tweets.

    Best, Blair

  2. nate. Says:

    will it work a BES blackberry?

    • Yatca Says:

      @nate. I’ve certainly coded support for BES (and in a way that is in accordance with RIM’s recommendations) but because I don’t actually have a BES I haven’t been able to verify that it works.

  3. Brian J King Says:

    Anyone using this on a Storm 9530 yet running 4.7? Does it work? Better then TwitterBerry or TinyTwitter? I hate both.

    Thanks! Cheers!

  4. Robert Losch Says:

    I would love to see an option to just have replies sent to your inbox. I follow too many to have every update filling the inbox hourly. With a reply only option, this could quickly become the killer Twitter app on BB.

  5. _Cube_ Says:

    Will we have access to ‘Get Replies’ like TwitterBerry? Not just replies from our friends. Hopefully, then we’ll be able to fully abandon TwitterBerry, apart from when wanting to view the public timeline. Fantastic idea for an app amigo! Well done!

  6. dapshore Says:

    I’m getting a “verification failed: expecting ‘;'” error – running on Bold O/S – any ideas?

  7. spangler07 Says:

    Support for 4.5 models like the Curve please! Looks awesome!
    Also, there should be an option for a standalone app as well, instead of only having it integrate with messages.

  8. Kitch Says:

    I am really liking the Yatca client, especially the integration of the updates to the Messages folder. I would love to have the option of displaying all tweets or only replies and direct messages. Also, maybe integrate a shortcut key for marking the messages as read. I know with full QWERTY keypad BlackBerrys you can press ALT + U to mark the message as read.

    But great job so far.

  9. jrod Says:

    Is there any chance of a retweet option?

  10. Anthony de Broise Says:

    Loving Yatca. Maybe it would be good to have the option of selecting tweets, replies, direct messages etc from a series of tick boxes in the options?

  11. reddog Says:

    This is a great client, been looking for something with good integration with the blackberry. This makes tweeting much easier and it’s a brilliant app.

  12. Stromson Says:

    I’ve been using Yacta for a little over an hour now, and so far I’m really enjoying it (also looking forward to tomorrows update). The biggest thing I’d like to see at this stage, would be the option to separate Tweets from the normal Message inbox. As it stands now, the inbox gets very cluttered with both incoming tweets and e-mails, and it can be somewhat of a bear to manage. If possible, I’d love to see the option to send tweets to a separate Yacta inbox (not sure if you can do this with the current SDK or not).

    Keep up the good work!

  13. Patrick Says:

    Any chance this could be built against OS 4.5? I see that the application requires net_rim_bbapi_messagelist in order to function. It certainly would be nice to have a better client than TwitterBerry.

  14. rommel Says:

    i like what i see so far. client identification would be nice, as well as getting a nicer icon to show in the task list (alt + back).

    looking forward to the update

  15. John Says:

    Worst app ever! slows down my blackberry and spams tweets like crazy

    • Yatca Says:

      @John Sorry you don’t like it. Perhaps I should have made it clearer in my earlier posts but the current version of Yatca is not going to suit everyone. In particular, those who follow lots of users will find their inbox very rapidly fills up with tweets. A future version will allow incoming tweets to be siphoned off into a separate message folder. Hopefully this might elevate Yatca from being the worst app ever to only being the second or third worst app ever 😉

  16. Richard Says:

    I can’t get it to recognize my logins. I’ve reset the software, reinstalled it, uninstalled, tried different accounts and keep getting the User Name Password not recognized error.

  17. michael Says:

    What will be in the new version tomorrow?

  18. safoo Says:

    Tried out Yatca today. Looks promising. I’d like the option to not receive friends’ tweets on my phone and just direct messages and @replies.

  19. Aaron Myers Says:

    Great application! If you need anyone to test the new application versions, feel free to send them over.

  20. OShigeru Says:

    Just got Yatca. Tweeted upwards of 15 times, nothing went through. What’s going on?

  21. Chris Says:

    Any sense as to why no messages are showing up in my main Inbox? Any conflicts with other applications? I get a new message indicator but nothing in the inbox. I am running the .244 version of 4.6 on the 9000. Thanks…I really like the concept. Chris

  22. crackberryMA Says:

    Just downloaded this on my Storm. This app is AWESOME – I’ve had it for 30 seconds and I’m already in love with it!!!

    Here’s where you will win the BIGGEST points, can you make this for multiple users? I have one for my business as well and hate having to have TWO twitter clients on my BB… this even possible?

    Keep up the great work!!! Simply awesome.

  23. Mike Says:

    Please make a Storm friendly version, currently there isnt a Storm twitter client !
    (they all run in compatibility mode)

  24. Tom Whyte Says:

    I love your app…

    But if I were wanting to remove it for some reason, how is this possible?

  25. zeaz Says:

    hey , i think this is a pretty cool app for BB , i am wandering when it is available for OS under 4.6 …

  26. ian Says:

    this app is sweet and i definitely like the way it looks better than twitterberry.

    there are a few things id like to see in the future versions tho.
    -the pictures, if we could have an option to enable or disable the pictures
    -“messages” folder, i dont like how it just combines with my other emails. it would be great if there’s a designated folder for yatca.

  27. Ellis Says:

    Hi, I just downloaded your app and it works cool, but I would like to make a request and I’m not sure where to put it so I’ll write here. I think it would be better if the yatca icon in the messages app had both an unread and read icon, so I can more easily know which tweets I’ve read. It’s more of a convenience request. Also the ability to display people’s twitter profile pics would be cool, but not sure if that could work.

  28. Heather King Says:

    I love what you are doing with this. I’m not crazy about any of the current Blackberry Twitter apps. I would really like to use this but sadly I am still stuck with 4.5. Any plans to support the 4.5 OS or is there some technical limitation that prevent it?

  29. Steve Says:

    How do I uninstall the app?

  30. Glenn Captain Says:

    As far as I am concerned, you are on your way to making “the” Blackberry Twitter client. The integration into the message folder was just absolute genius. Keep up the work, and update on Twitter to keep us informed!

    Thanks again 🙂 Look forward to many great updates from you.

  31. rommel Says:

    i’ve been using it for a few hours now, and what i think would be good, and i dont know if this can be done, is the option to have only replies and direct messages to your inbox, and all others to another folder, and also, @ linking, where you can click an @username to see all their tweets.

    looking forward to today’s update.

  32. @davbak Says:

    Just a quick addition to the “wish list”. It would ROCK if you could add the “Yatca Update Status” menu item to ALL menus on the BlackBerry (like CaptureIt) so that you can get to the update screen no matter what app you’re using on the BB.

  33. Chetan Says:

    Wow – Excellent! app! It would also be cool if the same or similar can be made for Facebook application. Is it possible?

    Also I would like the option to seperate the iboxes. basically if I don’t want it integrated with the Messages folder. That would be awesome!

    Kudos! Keep up the good work, Now I like my BlackBerry even more… 🙂

  34. Francois Says:

    Haven’t been able to get it functional. Once I fill in the account info, I get the message ‘verification failed failed to transmit’. is not blocked by my admin as Twitterberry works well on my Bold.

    Any hints?


    • Yatca Says:

      @Francois No idea really I’m afraid. As I noted in a reply to another user (‘potential user’ might be more accurate in this case), I don’t have a BES on which to test connectivity. As this thing progresses I’ll have to recruit the help of somebody who does have a BES to help me with that side of things. But it’s a bit soon for that right now. Sorry!

  35. hadi Says:

    Hey, I’m using a Blackberry bold and I can’t seem to find where the tweets are. Its not in my combined inbox where all my emails and smss go to.

    I am currently using an mac theme on my Blackberry. I tried changing themes but that didn’t work.

    I have the notifications on top saying that I have received tweets..


    • Yatca Says:

      @hadi From the Messages application menu, you go into Options -> General Options and make sure the ‘Hide Filed Messages’ setting is ‘No’. This should fix it.

  36. CatAlex Says:

    I love Yatca. It’s very functional! Much better than the others for BB (which I’m sure we are all aware of). It works great on my Curve 8900.

    Though I love that comments come into the Messages box, I find it a daunting task to sift through them all and later have to delete many because of the sheer number of messages coming through. It would be so excellent to be able to receive the updates from fellow Twits in a separate stream whilst having only direct messages or replies sent into the Message folder.

    It is possible that Yatca does this and I don’t know how to sort it out this way due to my being such a new Yatca user. (I just started using it yesterday.)

    If anyone has a tip on how to do this – or something similar to what I’ve described – I’d love to hear about how it’s done!


  37. Sad_dude Says:

    Wow this thing seems great if not better than bbtweet. One thing i like is the fact that the msgs will go into your msg inbox. I was Hoping that this version would help me get back since bbtweet doesnt work anymore. But Im no OS 4.5 … Really no support?

  38. Sonshine Says:

    So since the OS 4.5 restriction is “for real”…is there anything like yatca for OS 4.5?

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