Yatca now does TwitPic!

Version 1.1.1 is now available to be downloaded – use the link over on the right. The major new feature is TwitPic integration. It also has a one-click retweet feature which follows the convention of prefixing “RT @username ” to the original tweet. And Yatca is now a registered Twitter client application so tweets and replies originating from Yatca will now be identified as such.

I’ve received an absolute mountain of feedback in the last couple of days. Most of it has been very positive and all of it has been very useful to me. Very much appreciated. As soon as I’ve gone through all the feedback properly later on I’ll write up a post outlining my action plan for the next version.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the unseasonal sunshine – it’s our national holiday St Patrick’s Day here today. Slán agus beannachtaí na féile libh go léir!

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42 Responses to “Yatca now does TwitPic!”

  1. Simon Sage Says:

    Wow, if you keep pumping out improvements at this clip, Yatca will see a ton of success. You should throw this sucker onto the App World.

  2. Simon Sage Says:

    Oh, also, happy St. Patty’s Day. 🙂

  3. Putra Says:

    Seems like the 1.1.1 is not very compatible with Storm. I find that moving the cursor to edit or to make selection is a little hard. Unlike version 1.0.1. I already disable compatibility mode in Storm and the same still happen

  4. Lemos Says:

    there seems to be a problem with the permissions to use the camera. By changing it it seems to now be working 🙂

    • Yatca Says:

      @Lemos On the various combinations of device model + o/s that I’ve tested on, Yatca hasn’t required permissions for the camera. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t even aware that there was such a permission! I will fix asap. Thanks.

  5. mistergreg Says:

    I can’t seem to use Twitpic in Yatca. I see due to functionality, we can’t use a picture already taken for twitpic, but when I try to “take” a picture it says “Error accessing camera: null” on my Blackberry 8220 running

  6. Kitch Says:

    Thanks for the update! I am really liking the direction of this application.

  7. Kitch Says:

    Having an issue with the TwitPic action. I click the Photo link and it brings up a blank screen. If I press the track ball I get an “Error accessing camera: requested format not supported” message. I have all the permissions set to allow.

  8. Kitch Says:

    I am using a BlackBerry Curve 8900 with the operating system.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Kitch The 1.1.2 service release that I’ve just posted fixes some camera problems but I have a feeling that it won’t address your issue. I could be wrong though so if you want to try it out and let me know I’d really appreciate it. But I don’t want to waste your time. Thanks.

  9. Adam Says:

    I loaded 1. 1. 1. It comes back with an error when I try and log in. I am using the9530 with .114. Any thoughts?

  10. Bryon Says:

    Great concept, and with a few tweaks, would be wonderful to use on the Storm. Even with Compatibility Mode disabled for the application:

    – It appears that support of the accelorometer (and therefore the full keyboard) is not available.

    – Clicking the buttons/links is a challenge as you need to use the touchscreen as the scroll wheel (as with any application be used with compatability mode enabled)

    (I am using the Storm 9530 with O/S .109)

  11. Adam Says:

    the error is: “Verification failed: Connection refused twitter.com:80”

    • Yatca Says:

      @Adam It looks like something is blocking the connection between Yatca and the Twitter service. Do you know if your BlackBerry is configured to connect to the Internet through a BES? If so, is twitter.com permitted by the BES policy? Alternatively, might you possibly have a firewall product of some kind installed on your device?

  12. ian Says:

    i cant seem to find the twitpic option anywhere……

  13. Adam Says:

    I do have a BES account but I do not use it for internet. It is only for email. And I do not have a firewall program that I am aware of….

    • Yatca Says:

      @Adam Thanks Adam. I think I know what’s wrong. Your scenario is one that I hadn’t thought of. Yatca is detecting that your device is configured on a BES and attempting to connect through that on the assumption that this is the best thing to do. I’ll sort it out in a later release by allowing the user to manually select the network path used. I can’t think of any work around for now I’m afraid (other than asking your BES admin to allow HTTP connections to twitter.com?).

  14. Scuba629 Says:

    I get the same error when trying to use the camera. “Error accessing camera: null” Im using a Bold 9000 with 4..6.247 OS. Is there anyway to make the message folder have a red star when a new message comes in? Like is down with new texts and emails?

    • Yatca Says:

      @Scuba629 Strange because I’ve got the same device and o/s version as you and I’ve no probs with the camera. There is however a potential permissions issue with the camera that I am in the process of sorting out and will be in a service release. This might fix your problem.

  15. zed Says:

    Are the twits supposed to integrate into the “Messages” folder, or are they only on display in the “Yatca” folder, because mine don’t show up in the Messages folder. I have to constantly go to the Yatca folder through View Folder->Yatca

    Is there a setting I’m missing?

    • Yatca Says:

      @zed Yes, they’re supposed to be integrated into the main messages folder. Some other users have also reported this problem. You’ve given me an idea though…when you’re in the Messages application, can you go into Options -> General Options, scroll down to the “SMS and Email Inboxes” setting and tell me what it says? Mine says “Combined”.

  16. zed Says:

    also, i’m using a bold with v. OS

  17. zed Says:

    unfortunately, i’ve tried all three settings to no avail: “theme controlled”, “Seperate” which I like to keep as, and “Combined”.


    • Yatca Says:

      @zed In case you missed it in the comment stream, user J3V says that the issue you’re having goes away if, from the Messages application menu, you go into Options -> General Options and make sure the ‘Hide Filed Messages’ setting is ‘No’.

  18. Scuba629 Says:

    I fixed it. I had to change the permissions to allow everything. Thought you set everything you needed when the app first runs. 🙂 Great app!! Very Happy with it..

    I do have a lot of friends that don’t use Twitter and was wondering if there was a way to forward a message to them via sms text or email.

  19. Putra Says:

    Hi, 1.1.2 has fixed my problem. Thanks

  20. J3V Says:

    i had the same the problem as mistergreg on my 8220 OS version, Error accessing camera: null. @zed idk which os or model but i went into my messages app, clicked the menu key and picked options -> general options, and make sure hide filed messages is set to no. that should work. it worked for me.

  21. kitch Says:

    I am still having the issue. I will say that I am using BES, but it is a hosted BES account, which should have a blank policy without restrictions. I wonder if that is causing the issue. I don’t use the twitpic option that much, though, so it isn’t a problem.

    What I would like to see is possibly a way to search for tweets somehow using the Search feature, if at all possible.

  22. zed Says:

    that was it! thanks J3V and Yatca!

  23. @davbak Says:

    Yatca, might I suggest you add an option that allows the user to control Yatca’s connection method? The reason I suggest this is because some apps, like TwitterBerry, can not post pictures to TwitPic the connection method is set to BIS. It has to be set to TCP for it to work. I don’t know if this is a RIM/BIS restriction or a VZW restriction.

    • imercado Says:

      I totally concur with davbak’s suggestion. Yatca was my favorite client prior to going through Enterprise Activation. Now it’s blocked out, the policy will not change, and I am forced to use other clients which work fine because they know how to navigate through connection paths outside of BES.

  24. Alex Cepero Says:

    How about the ability to Direct Message? Or am I missing something…..

  25. @drunkengoat Says:

    I downloaded Yatca 4 days ago, I think. I have a BB Storm 9530 with OS The first two days Yatca worked perfectly in landscape mode and I love it. I almost uninstalled Twitterberry. Yesterday and today, it will only open in portrait mode and won’t respond to the accelerometer when I turn to landscape mode. Any idea why this is?

  26. Jesus Says:


    I’m getting an error when trying to send a photo. I have a Blackberry Bold 9000 and this is the error I get:

    “Failed to upload photo: Local connection timed out after ~ 120000”

    (With an option to click “OK”)


  27. mrBb Says:

    The photo/twitpic functionality was working beautifully at first but then the last few days every time I also get:

    “Failed to upload photo: Local connection timed out after ~ 120000″

    when trying to upload a photo. And then I’m sad, because there is no way to save the photo that I took and the subject matter may be gone. Emailing it after the fact isn’t an option.

    And it seems the flash doesn’t fire via the Yatca photo interface?

    BlackBerry 9000 v4.6.0.247

    • Yatca Says:

      @mrBb Uploads to TwitPic have been unreliable at best. I have engaged with an alternative photo hosting service and will offer this in a future release.

      There is no way for an application such as Yatca to control settings like flash, zoom, etc. This is one of the reasons why I am removing direct camera support from future releases.

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