A quick note for Storm users

Yatca is built using the OS 4.6 development tools. As such, it doesn’t have any Storm awareness and depends entirely on the automatic compatibility mode that Storm devices enter when running pre-4.7 applications. If you’re seeing UI problems such as unresponsiveness to the accelerometer, poor layout with ridiculously large buttons, or strange focus behaviour, the most likely explanation is an…issue…with the compatibility mode.

I would love to be able to offer a Storm-specific build of Yatca with support for gestures and greater cognisance of things like button sizes but I simply don’t have the resources at this time. I need to target the largest possible number of users (subject to the 4.6 restriction that is intrinsic to Yatca) and the reality is that the majority of 4.6+ devices out there are not Storms. With the release of fantastic new full keyboard models like the Curve 8900 this is unlikely to change any time soon.

Edit: User catstide has reported that he/she has a much better Yatca experince on the Storm when compatibility mode is disabled. So this might be worth a try. You’ll find details in this article.

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4 Responses to “A quick note for Storm users”

  1. yujan Says:

    Hi, there are some issues when capture photos at Storm.
    1. Keyboard must be hidden by manual. If not, the capture window will not display image and Take Photo button;
    2. Only center part is displayed during capture.
    I’m sorry I can’t decribe these very clear via English. If you’re intresting to improve it, I can send screen shot to you.

    • Yatca Says:

      @yujan Another user has reported that his experience with the Storm is very good but adds that he has disabled compatibility mode for Yatca. Might be worth a try. Thanks.

  2. @davbak Says:

    Yatca, that is unfortunate. Not that I blame the developers for wanting to reach the most the devices with the fewest number of builds, but it seems the 95xx series is getting the short end of the app stick these days. Maybe when the device has a stable and quick “official” OS, things will turn around.

    That said, I really did not have many problems with Yatca on my 9530 running .109. Once you take it out of compatibility mode, it ran fine. So I don’t think there would be much you would need to do to make 4.7.x compliant…

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