New version addresses the biggest complaint

The most common complaint about Yatca has been that it swamps the inbox with updates and replies. The lack of control over what gets merged into the inbox (or ‘message list’ to use the official term) and what didn’t was particularly a problem for those with a large number of friends. This has been addressed in version 1.2.1 which is now available for download. A quick look at the expanded Options screen is perhaps the easiest way to see what I’ve done to address this problem.

Options screen showing merge settings

Options screen showing merge settings

This will hopefully provide sufficient flexibility to keep people happy for now. I will eventually provide a fine-grained filtering capability.

Note that any updates and replies that you choose not to merge into your inbox are still viewable from the Messages application. Simply use the standard ‘View Folder’ command to get to whatever it is you want, e.g. to review a reply you sent to somebody open the ‘Replies Sent by You’ folder.

In addition to this major feature, there are a number of other improvements and fixes:

  • In many corporate environments, BES is used only to provide e-mail delivery, and Internet access is provided using BIS or the carrier network. Yatca can now support this scenario thanks to a new setting on the Options screen. By default Yatca will continue to connect to Twitter through the BES and only users who experience connection problems should change this setting.
  • Curve 8900 users should now be able to take and upload photos!
  • Users on all devices should notice an improvement in the quality of uploaded photos.
  • In previous versions, Yatca would always refresh the timeline on starting, even if the auto-refresh setting was ‘None’. This has now been fixed.
  • Some of the commands have been renamed to be more meaningful, e.g. the ‘Yatca Update Status’ command is now the ‘Update Twitter Status’ command.
  • In response to a very common request, the ‘Update Twitter Status’ command is now available from all the system applications. So it is no longer necessary to open the Messages application to tweet!
  • Feedback from Storm users suggests that Yatca works better on the Storm when compatibility mode is disabled. So I have added a couple of attributes to the OTA download file to force the Storm to run Yatca in this way. N.B. These attributes are only detected if you uninstall the previous version of Yatca and then do a clean install of the new version – upgrading will not suffice.

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85 Responses to “New version addresses the biggest complaint”

  1. Anthony de Broise Says:

    Wow! Yatca is now my primary twitter app. Think you’ve just about nailed it with this release. Great work!

  2. Tom Whyte Says:

    I have installed and loved each version of this app. However my 8900 is still not functioning with the photo option, it is actually worse now. However, everything else is working great.

  3. walter Says:

    Great work. Can we get the ability to add to coments to retwit posts

  4. Aaron Myers Says:

    I don’t like this new way you’re doing things because even when I don’t want items to show up in my inbox, I still get the new message icon on my phone’s desktop and I have to go back and find them in the folders.

    I think the best way to do this would be to have a different “Yatca Inbox” that you use and not the Messages folder.

    Also, I’m still trying to use the camera on the BlackBerry 8900. I’m not sure you’re wanting this to work, but I would think that the best way would be to just add an item to the menu when you take a picture that says “Send to Yatca” or something that allows you to TwitPic the item. Just a thought. I look forward to the next release!

    • Yatca Says:

      @Aaron The whole point of Yatca is to get tweets and replies through the messages application (the working title for a while was TweetInBox!). But I have no illusions that this approach will suit everyone.

      • Aaron Myers Says:

        I love having them delivered to an Inbox but I don’t like them clogging up my main work e-mail Inbox. That’s why I said putting them in another folder and having them delivered to the “Yatca Inbox” which could be integrated if the user wanted.

        This is a great time for you to release some amazing features, as the new (other application) that was released stinks!

        Don’t get me wrong, I love your application and I use it every day but I can’t have all of my Tweets coming in from more than 200+ people that I follow.

        The biggest bug is that even though it may only display what I want in my inbox, I still have the tweets coming in and sitting in those folders under “View Folders” – that’s a very bad way of doing things. Hope you can fix these and release new features soon!

        Also, please please please rethink the whole camera thing. You don’t have to make us take the pictures from within the Yatca application – just allow us to upload pictures. I think that as a feature would work better.

        Also Also, when I’m navigating through the “Switch Application” menu even though the Yatca idling application is useless, it’d be nice to have some type of icon instead of just the default window icon.

        • Yatca Says:

          @Aaron Thanks for the feedback. You’re obviously a power user by the sound of things. Re-reading my earlier response it might have come across a bit sharp which wasn’t my intention. I’m just trying to catch up on a tonne of stuff having been away for the weekend. So I’ll take a drink of my tea and make a better effort this time.

          Your key point is that you don’t want tweets in your main message list but nor do you want to have to use the View Folder command to get to them either. I suppose I’m a bit unclear about what you’re advocating as an alternative. It would certainly be brilliant if there could be a completely separate inbox icon on the home screen (in the same way that there is if you have multiple e-mail accounts configured on your BlackBerry, or when you don’t have your e-mail and SMS combined). The problem however is that the BlackBerry APIs don’t support this. At least not yet. So we’re sort of stuck with the sub-folder approach. I know the whole View Folder thing is a bit clunky and I had hoped to provide a command to open this folder easily. Unfortunately though the APIs wouldn’t play ball with me and my self-imposed ‘release deadline’ was looming. I’ll have another crack at this in the coming days.

          Another thing relevant to this discussion occurred to me over the weekend. Even though the filtering added in 1.2.1 divides tweets into five categories, there doesn’t actually need to be five corresponding folders! I could simply get away with just two: stuff to merge, stuff to keep separate. My feeling is that if I did this and also came up with a slicker way of getting to the non-merged folder that didn’t rely on the View Folder command I might be a bit closer to satisfying the needs of users such as yourself.

          Yes, the camera functionality is very basic at the moment and needs to be improved. At the outset of this project I had assumed that the camera dialog used by the Facebook app was a system component that I could somehow invoke from within Yatca. But I was sadly mistaken! Also on the subject of the camera, I must say that I have deep reservations about the reliability of and would love to have an alternative. I tried but actually found that to be worse.

          I agree fully that the use of the default application icon on the ‘switch application’ list is very naff. But the reason it is that way is not laziness on my part. It’s because Yatca is a system application and doesn’t therefore have an icon associated with it. For a number of reasons however I’m thinking of changing Yatca to be a non-system application in which case this problem will be solved.

          Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

          • iyertalks Says:

            What i did was to search for messages in the Yatca Folder and saved it with a Hot Key combination. That works great… So i i need to see the tweets i just have t press ALT+Y and i get the tweets.

            Yatca This is a great APP and i am more than happy to help if you need me to test or work on something.

            Unfortunately I dont hit your blog regularly so email me if you need help.

            Cheers !!!

            – G

  5. Jimmy Lee Says:

    Curve 8900 camera problem still exists… :/

  6. rommel Says:

    this update solidifies my usage of yatca.

    awesome work!

  7. Strahler Says:

    Hey very nice update. Can you integrate the picture upload?

  8. Osman Says:

    Hey, just installed – love the updates!

    Still having a problem with the camera though on my 8900. I get a new error msg

    Error accessing Camera: null.

    Maybe I need to do a complete delete, reboot and then install again.

  9. crackberryMA Says:

    Making great changes here! Just downloaded 1.2.1, haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds like some of the issues I was having were addressed. Nice work!

    Keep up the great work!

  10. MB Says:

    Are you guys ever going to make it compatible with OS 4.5?? Please??!

    • Yatca Says:

      @MB Thanks for your interest but in a word, no. The following is from the FAQ page: “At this point in time it is unlikely Yatca will ever be supported on versions of the BlackBerry OS prior to 4.6. The major difference between Yatca and the otcas (other Twitter client applications…) is that Yatca is integrated with the BlackBerry’s built-in Messages application. This requires the use of new OS features that were only introduced in version 4.6. Sorry!”

  11. webchetan Says:

    excellent!!! Yatca rocks!!! thanks a bunch bro!

  12. stromer Says:

    Yes, a very useful alternative to twitterberry on my Storm. Thx

    Some litte ideas:
    – An option to automatically delete already read friends timeline-twits after a specified time (1 hour?) from inbox.
    Because it’s very awkward to delete all read friends-timeline-twits manually from message-list, if in inbox-settings i keep all other messages permanetly.

    – Whould like a button at home-screen to qick start an new twit to update my timeline. Now i have to start inbox, BB-menü-button and select “update my twitter status” before i can write, ist a long way for a short twit 😉

    Maybe its possible to realize it…

    • Yatca Says:

      @stromer Thanks for the suggestions. I was wondering how to approach an auto-delete feature and perhaps your suggestion is the way to go, i.e. delete it automatically within NN minutes of reading it where NN is configurable. Note however that Yatca automatically prunes the list of stored statuses once it exceeds 1,000 items (upped from 200 in earlier versions when I realised how hard core some users are!). In other words, you don’t have to worry about your device memory being filled up by Yatca.

      Regarding your second suggestion, starting from the current version (1.2.1) you should be seeing an ‘Update Twitter Status’ command on all of the BlackBerry’s built-in applications – not just in the Messages application. Is this not working on your device?

  13. Anthony de Broise Says:

    Just need direct messaging now 🙂

  14. Glenn Captain Says:

    I am getting ‘Entity Too Large’ when trying to retrieve new Tweets as of this morning. Any reason or odea about what is going on?

  15. Glenn Captain Says:

    Let me correct myself. The error was exactly, ‘refresh entity too large’. I ended up uninstalling Yatca and reinstalling it.

  16. Aaron Myers Says:

    @Yatca – I don’t want to clog up your comments, I’d be more than happy to talk with you over e-mail. I love the application and I’m willing to try and do my best to help it set itself apart from the other Twitter application. Feel free to contact me at – I hope to hear from you soon.

  17. kimaguresan Says:

    Great app. Only thing on my wish list is the ability to set the display name to the username and not the real name set in twitter. I don’t really follow my people by their real names so the option to switch it would be nice.

  18. samwise1130 Says:

    I’ve used yatca from the first release. Unfortunately, it seems as though Storm compatibility has suffered in recent releases. I attempted to uninstall/restart/install/restart–but still experience strange UI issues. In fact, I’m currently unable to use Yatca due to not being able to enter my password into the options window. I can enter my username, but when I try to tap into the password field–Yatca tells me I need to save!

    I love yatca for the message box integration–it is exactly what I’ve been hoping for in a Twitter client. But recent releases seem to have made storm compatibility worse, not better.

    I’ve also tried both enabling and disabling compatibility mode.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  19. Glenn Says:

    Would it be possible before the next release for you to incorporate an option to switch off and on the process of retrieving tweets. I do not need to see my tweets on my Blackberry when I am at my desk. Retrieving tweets only when required would help conserve power.

  20. Lemos Says:

    I think this program is great 🙂

    I have a few suggestions though:

    -> have an easy way to turn it off
    -> be able to see all the messages (including the filtered out ones from the Message List). Perhaps this could be seen on the “application icon” interface
    -> be able to upload photos to twitpic that are present on the phones’ memory

    thanks 🙂

  21. Shua Says:

    i have a storm 9530 and i love yatca. i just found it today and already it is my favorite twitter client. i just had a few questions/ suggestions though

    1: is there/ will there be a way to send a picture that you have previously taken , instead of the camera always coming up.

    2: is there/ will there be a way to receive direct messages through this application

    3: will the ability to show the member’s twitter icon/picture be added to a future version ?

    looking forward to later versions. good work

  22. Osman Says:

    So I’ve been using this version for a couple days now and I think there is a glitch

    At first its completely fine. But after a day my phone says I have 1 twittwr waiting for me when I don’t. I tried a battery pull – still there

    The only way to get rid of it is to unsinall and reinstall. And that’s what I did on saturday. And it was fine all of sunday but now that 1 msg waiting notification is back and doesn’t want to leave

    Just thought I’d let you know!

    • Yatca Says:

      @Osman If you did a battery pull and it was still saying that you had an unread tweet, then I would respectfully suggest that you must have had an unread tweet…somewhere. Is it possible that the one you couldn’t find was in the ‘Replies for others’ filter category? (This is where I usually find lost tweets!) Note that the default setting will not merge this category into the main message list.

      The reason for my apparent arrogance is that Yatca doesn’t persist the unread tweet count across a battery pull. Instead, the unread tweet count is completely recalculated from scratch as it iterates through all the tweets in the cache, and there isn’t really too much scope to mess this up. Reinstalling Yatca would have appeared to fix the problem because this would have resulted in the cache being completely deleted, taking with it the problematic lost tweet.

  23. Kyle Sherman Says:

    Btw, I love this App! Great work!

    I also have a Bold running on BES. After installing 1.2.1 and rebooting the device I get this error on startup, “Uncaught exception: java.lang.illegalStateException”.

    Any ideas?

    Keep up the awesome work.

  24. rick tait Says:

    I have 1.2.1 on my 9530 Storm w/OS .109.

    Works great, looks great.

    But it seems the filtering is not working properly? I have the following options set within Yatca:

    Replies for You: yes
    Replies for Others: no
    Replies sent by You: yes
    Updates from Friends: no
    Updates sent by You: yes
    Capture Replies sent to: You

    But, it seems that every tweet from every person that I follow is showing up in my messages. It’s my understanding that with the settings I have (above) then the ONLY tweets I should be seeing would be:

    – ones sent by me
    – @replies sent to me

    But this is not the case. I (of course) can create a hot-key’d filter that will be give me exactly what I need to see (as Aaron did) but I was hoping that I could do that by default.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks so much for Yatca. This is definitely an app I would pay $$ for. Keep up the good work. I’m a power user as well, would be happy to help in any way that I can.

    Rick Tait
    rickt [at] rickt [dot] org

    • Yatca Says:

      @rick When you say that tweets are unexpectedly showing up in your messages do you mean that you can actually see them in your main message list or just that you can see them if you use View Folder to browse into the various Yatca folders? If it is the latter, then this is by design. The filtering determines only what appears in the main message list – it does not restrict what is actually downloaded. I might change this in a future version because judging by various comments it is causing a lot of confusion.

      • rick tait Says:


        To answer your question, it is the former. It seems that the filters are sort of acting in an “all or nothing” sense? In that if I have ANY of the filters set to show, then I see everything in my main Messages screen. So, what I did was turn everything off (so that I see no Yatca messages at all in my main Message screen) and then View Folder –> etc to view.

        One thing I hate about the storm is that its SO not easy to run Alt- commands, unlike the Curve where it was brilliantly easy.

        So to sum up, I’m unable to get the following setup working:

        – Only @replies sent to me showing in main Messages window


        Thanks again sir!


        • Yatca Says:

          @rick Thanks for that. Sounds like there’s definitely something wrong there. Unfortunately, I don’t see what you describe on my BlackBerry or on any of the simulators I use. One of the complications when the filters change is that the OS doesn’t allow a folder to be changed from merged to non-merged. This means that when the filters change Yatca has to blow away all its folders, recreate them, and then reload them from the cache. There’s possibly a bug in there so I’ll revisit that area. But because I can’t recreate the bug it might be difficult for me to nail. Thanks again.

  25. Shua Says:

    i hate being ignored.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Shua And you really think that a rude and impatient comment like that is likely to make me reply to your original comment? Unbelievable. All three of your questions had already been asked multiple times by other users. I don’t have a problem with that because I don’t for one second expect that users will read through all the comments and replies. But it meant that I wasn’t in a massive rush to reply to you because your comments essentially contained nothing new, and I quite simply don’t have the time to write a personalised response to everyone. If that doesn’t sit well with you, then I’ll just thank you for trying Yatca and wish you luck with the next Twitter client you try. I’ve got a lot of coding to do.

  26. Shua Says:

    sorry man i wasnt trying to be rude and i sincerely apologize if i came off that way.

  27. Shua Says:

    i encountered to odd things today.
    1:my picture would not upload to the website because of numerous connection time outs. so i lost the picture 😦 i wish i could save the picture then upload it.

    2:the icon says that there are three unread tweets in my inbox.. but i went and re-read every one and it still says there are three there. so i went online and looked at my timeline and they are all three from the same person. they just wont show up on my phone. even after several refresh timeline. (this occurred after i did a battery pull.)

    • Yatca Says:

      @Shua Regarding your first question, twitpic is in the process of moving to a new data centre and has been down a lot over the last day. Hopefully the reliability of photo upload will improve after their upgrade. But I agree, Yatca does need to be able to capture a photo when offline and then upload it later.

      Regarding your second question, the unread tweets are probably in one of the folders that is not merged with your main message list. Such tweets are still included in the count. You can see which folders are non-merged by looking at the Yatca Options screen. To open a non-merged folder use the View Folder command within the Messages application. This stuff will be revised.

  28. Xavier Says:


    yatca is brillant but do you plan to support other microblogging platform such as ? That would be even better and cooler !

  29. Glenn Says:

    Re-activated refresh time in Yaca, received error “Failed to refresh timeline: Request Entity Too Large” I am going to uninstall and re-install the application again but I do hope you are looking into the issue. It will become inefficient to continue to uninstall and reinstall it at some point in time.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Glenn Yeah, the problem there is that because you’ve not updated for a while Yatca is trying to pull down a lot of updates and most likely running into the 512 KB limit that the BIS puts on any one download. I’m working on a change to use ‘paging’ when downloading a lot of changes. Bear with me! Thanks.

  30. Chetan Says:

    YATCA are you planning to support Facebook updates? Also could you also make your wordpress blog wide enough, so that we can see replies cleary. I think the width of the column/DIV needs to be increased.

    Just an advice. Thanks

  31. cyberpyr8 Says:

    I love this app. I just upgraded the other day and the improvements are great.

    However, I have a message indicator even though I have deleted all messages. If I have 4 updates it shows 5. I have done a battery pull and it is still there. Any ideas?

    • Yatca Says:

      @cyberpyr8 Did you follow the advice in the FAQ (rushing here – it’s very late)?

      • cyberpyr8 Says:

        I did and I have tons of folders. But I don’t think I moved a message to any other folder. It actually shows 1 message if there is one new message or not. But if there is one that I can see it still counts one not 2 as earlier posted.

        • Yatca Says:

          @cyberpyr8 You don’t actually move tweets between folders – Yatca puts them in the appropriate folder automatically. The ‘Visibility in Message List’ settings then control which of these folders are merged into your main message list and which aren’t. The most likely place you’ll find your missing message is the ‘Replies for Others’ folder because by default this is not merged into the main message list but can contain unopened messages. I’d actually bet my 1st born that it’s in there. Well maybe not.

          • cyberpyr8 Says:

            FYI – The new version (1.3.2) has resolved the issue. Every so often I have to mark all as read but that takes care of it. I love the app! Keep up the good work. It is just feeding my Twitter addiction though…

  32. Shua Says:

    so i know i have read a comment about this before but i couldn’t find it again

    are we going to be seeing a way to remove certain people from the update list. like keep their tweets from showing up at all.

    because i followed someone new today and they have good info in their tweets but the tweet every few minutes and when yatca update i have to go through like 20 tweets.

    and is there a planned release date for a yatca update. i was just wondering. cuz this app is so cool and has so many possibilities. that i was wondering if i should use a different client until its updates.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Shua Yes, I will provide a means to filter out certain friends so that their updates aren’t picked up by Yatca. But that is not an immediate priority. In answer to your second question, there should be a new release within the next few days.

  33. John Bowersox Says:

    I would really like to give yatca a try, but I am unable to get the application to talk to twitter.

    When adding my account information and trying to save it, I always get the following error –

    Verification failed: Unknown host

    I was hoping that this new release would resolve this issue thinking it had something to do with my companies BES connection, but with the option set to Yes and No, the above error appears.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Yatca Says:

      @John It’s probably best to speak with the BES admins at your company. Even if you have ‘Use BES/MDS when available’ set to ‘No’ Yatca can still run into trouble if your admins have locked down DNS so as to prevent it resolving for you. I’m afraid Yatca can’t bypass something like this no matter what I do. Can you browse to from your device browser? Do you know if other Twitter clients work on your device?

  34. Hugo Brown Says:

    Gday I installed this application its pretty awesome I like the RT function too and having the comands in the menu is cool.

    I set my options for which msgs to appear but none of the tweets are makingit into my Inbox, email or sms (Combined) inbox. I followed other advise you gave to someone else and yer not much luck my tweets aint appearing anywhere.

    I am using a Blackberry Storm… If you can advise me what I could try next be greatly appreciate it. Can you send advise to my email.



    • Yatca Says:

      @Hugo This might be the issue…from the FAQ page:

      Why do I not see any tweets in my inbox? From within the Messages application, go into Options -> General Options, and ensure that the ’Hide Filed Messages’ setting is ‘No’. Even though the messages that Yatca inserts into the message list are not actually filed, the Messages application sometimes decides to hide them unless this setting is ‘No’. Big thanks to user J3V for this work-around!

  35. Hugo Brown Says:

    Gday dude Im not sure what I did but they showing up inbox… I did restart it just now an play around and then they popped up, thanks for making this Im defintly gonnna make this my Twitter app. Im gonna send a ms out on twitter and hope more ppl choose your application


  36. Glenn Says:

    Is it possible to incorporate a feature in the next release, that will allow you to delete all the current tweets in Yatca. The problem I am having is that I have a lot of followers and a lot of people I follow. The messages get mixed up with regular messages, and I either have to select the ones I want to delete, or go by and delete one by one because some tweets get intermingled with messages. An easier solution, in my opinion would be to have an option to just delete all the tweets.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Glenn Currently wrapping up work on the next release. It doesn’t specifically have exactly the feature you’re requesting but it does have other features that will help. Stay tuned!

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