Important Service Release!

Version 1.4.2 is a service release (i.e. no new functionality) which addresses one major bug and three minor ones:

  • Some people reported that tweets were disappearing from the message list, or that they were being notified of new tweets that they couldn’t see. It turns out that Yatca was being a bit over-zealous with its housekeeping in certain circumstances! Problem now fixed.
  • Image upload was running into a 50 KB size limit and anything larger than that was timing out on upload (another popular Twitter client for BlackBerry has the exact same problem!). This new version of Yatca tries progressively higher compression rates until the image is less than 50 KB.
  • When a BlackBerry is connected to a computer and in mass storage mode, third party apps such as Yatca cannot access files in the device memory or SD card. This was causing Yatca to display a cryptic error message when opening the image gallery. A more meaningful message is now displayed.  
  • Twitter has an unconventional way of handling the ‘<‘ and ‘>’ characters that Yatca was not taking account of. This is now fixed (and thanks William for pointing it out!).

I am sorry for the second update in 4-5 days. In truth, I probably rushed the last one a small bit in an effort to get it out before the Easter break.

Incidentally, this new version is called 1.4.2 because the last one was supposed to have been 1.4.1 – further evidence of my rush to release late last Thursday night.

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60 Responses to “Important Service Release!”

  1. adamlord68 Says:

    Thanks for fixing the disappearing tweets. That problem was driving me crazy yesterday.

  2. John Says:

    It would be great if there was a way to directly link to the yatca folders that are created within the messaging folders.

    I have many folders under my inbox so it makes the app hard to use…a bummer because I love it!

    If you have any suggestions or work arounds that would be great.

    • Yatca Says:

      @John The APIs don’t enable an app such as Yatca to directly open a folder other than an actual email folder. However what many Yatca users do is define a custom search in their Messages application that returns all items from the ‘Non-merged Items’ folder, and then associate this custom search with a shortcut like Alt-Y. This doesn’t work so well of course if you’re on a Storm and don’t have any keys at all.

    • Paul Says:

      I second the suggestion of having a way to view a yatca folder. With e-mails, text messages, and mms’ coming through in addition to all the tweets, it can get tough to keep up with yatca. Right now my Blackberry says I have 8 Yatca posts that I’ve not viewed and I can’t find em. Arrrrgh.

      • Yatca Says:

        @Paul There is already a way to view a Yatca folder. Just use the built-in ‘View Folder’ command in the Messages app, and scroll down to the two Yatca folders at the bottom. John was not requesting a means to open a Yatca folder. He was looking for the ability to open one quickly without having to use the ‘View Folder’ command. As I said in my response to him, this is not supported by the APIs (this is programmer speak for “the BlackBerry doesn’t let me do it”). If you’re not on a Storm, you can define a custom search to retrieve Yatca items and associate this search with a keyboard shortcut. On my BlackBerry Alt-Y will immediately open the ‘Non-merged Items’ folder.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Is there a way to get rid of the send/update button on the screen and make it so you have to go into the menu to actually push an update/tweet?
    I constantly run into the problem of sending before I am finished writing.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Jeff I guess there could be an option to require confirmation when ‘Send’ is pressed. I’m guessing it would annoy 90+% of users so it definitely wouldn’t be the default but as a concession to Storm users with big fingers, OK, I’ll add it to the list 🙂

  4. Bob Garon Says:

    The new fixes definitely did the job!

    I know you have A LOT on your table and just wanted to make sure I was clear on my @Replies request because I re-read what I previously wrote and it seemed a little unclear.

    1. Phone Alerts When: a new @Reply is sent to me from anyone

    2. Phone Alerts When: someone mentions my @Username in a message they send someone.

    Both alerts should be separate with the LED, ringtone, and/or vibrate ability than that of the normal Updates as it is now set up.
    Essentially if someone did not want their phone to alert them whenever the timeline was refreshed and new tweet updates were received, BUT only wanted to be notified when @Replies directly to them and/or their @Username was mentioned their phone would alert them on the latter.

    So there should be 2 separate Yatca alert profiles.

    Does that make sense? I just wanted to be clear for you knowing you had a lot of things going on and a lot of people talking to you about Yatca options.

    Thank you again for having such a great and functional Twitter app. 🙂

    • Yatca Says:

      @Bob None of what you’re suggesting is technically difficult and at one point in time I was also leaning towards being able to configure different notifications for replies, updates, etc. But then I realised that there was no real precedent for this in the other messaging apps on the device. For example, you can’t set a different notification for emails from your boss to emails from your buddy (unless they are delivered to a completely different email address). And you can’t set a different notification for an email sent to you only and one sent to multiple persons. I’m trying to avoid the thing becoming too complicated. This isn’t so much to make my life easier but to avoid confusing non-power users.

      So if I do support separate profiles it will be linked to the merged and non-merged concepts. That way, anything important (e.g. a reply sent to you) might be set to ‘merged’, which in turn might be configured to ring loudly, vibrate and flash. Everything else might just be ‘non-merged’ and might just get a flashing LED or perhaps nothing at all. Or maybe to avoid complicating the Profiles app by having two entries for Yatca, I might just raise notifications for items in the ‘merged’ category. The rationale here would be “if it’s not important enough to see it in your inbox it’s not important enough to tell you about it.”

      • Aaron Myers Says:

        But, as far as Replies (now called “Mentions” — need to update termination) you only recieve updates from friends.

        I only use Yatca to do two things (1) Update my status (2) Receive replies from people that use my @username

        I’d like to be able to get @replies from ANYONE, not just friends, if that’s available in the Twitter API.

        • Bob Garon Says:

          Exactly! Same here.

        • Yatca Says:

          @Aaron I’m adding support for mentions in the next version. The Twitter API makes this very easy but the only snag is that an app can’t check for mentions and friends timeline updates in the same request. This almost doubles the bandwidth and battery used by each Yatca polling cycle which is not good. I’ve raised this with the Twitter people as an obvious area for improvement and although they agree they are saying “not just yet”. But don’t worry, mentions will come regardless.

          Incidentally, I know the term ‘replies’ is soooo last week but because the new term ‘mentions’ is not yet mainstream I’ll probably continue to use the old term if responding to a comment that has used it.

          • Bob Garon Says:

            What are “Mentions”? Did Twitter change the name from “Tweets” or is a Mention different than a Tweet?


            • Yatca Says:

              @Bob It’s just an extension of the idea of an @user reply. Previously, an app could use the replies API to pick up any tweet (from any user) beginning with @user. They have now extended this to a mentions API that returns any tweet containing @user. So previously “@bob and @vinnie were at the party” could only be picked up by @bob but now it can be picked up by @vinnie too. In mathematical terms it returns a superset of the previous results.

      • Bob Garon Says:

        I have never known there was a way to have my Blackberry notify me if just my boss emails me or just my wife emails me differently than how the same email address notifies me.

        How do I do that?

  5. Shua Says:

    ok so i love what you have done with this app. it gets better every update and im lovin it (please dont sue me McDonald’s) any who what im about to ask will sound completely insane but i have to ask anyway.

    is there any way or any chance that you can support multiple twitter accounts. i have one for my business and one personal account and i hate having to log in and out every time i want to update. in my head it seems like you could just have a update yatca status1 then a 2 . but idk your the smart person.. what do you? although i would need to be able to turn off retrieving others updates on my business account. i just want to send to that one and send and receive from my personal account

  6. webchetan Says:

    @Yatca : I love Yatca and its my primary application on my BlackBerry for Twitter. I think would be good if we can have option of list of friends who we are following and have the ability to unfollow/follow them or have an option to not receive tweets from some depending on user selection. I think would be a caveat here is that if one has 500 followers whom he/she receives tweets, then we can have something like search for a friend with their twitter name and have the option to start/stop receiving tweets.

    My friend @Yatca just a suggestion. Any possibilities to something like this in upcoming versions?

    Thank you!

    • Yatca Says:

      @webchetan Yes, there is a medium-long term plan to beef up the filtering so that you could pick and choose which friends’ updates you want to get on the device and which you’re just happy to catch up with on your computer. At the outset of the project I really thought this was something people would want sooner rather than later. But I think the ability to filter replies sent by your friends to others has reduced the clutter to a manageable level for most people.

  7. ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ. Says:

    Heya … i love yatca but i have a problem
    I still dont see the @replies?

  8. ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ. Says:

    Yes i did :/

    • Yatca Says:

      @ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ OK, so what sort of replies are you not receiving, i.e. from people you’re following or from others? What way the six filters set under ‘Incoming Item Options’ and ‘Outgoing Item Options’ in the Yatca options?

  9. ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ. Says:

    I am not receiving replies from people I am following …. and for both ‘Incoming Item Options’ and ‘Outgoing Item Options’ they are all ALLOW

    • Yatca Says:

      @ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ Could it be this? “Why do I not see any tweets in my inbox? From within the Messages application, go into Options -> General Options, and ensure that the ’Hide Filed Messages’ setting is ‘No’. Even though the messages that Yatca inserts into the message list are not actually filed, the Messages application sometimes decides to hide them unless this setting is ‘No’. Big thanks to user J3V for this work-around!”

  10. ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ Says:

    I did that already still no luck

    • Yatca Says:

      @ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ You say you’re not getting replies – are you getting updates that aren’t replies? Can you send updates? Are you on the latest version 1.4.2? What OS version are you running?

  11. ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ Says:

    V 4.6
    Yes I get the updates and all but replies ..

  12. Bob Garon Says:

    Actually I’m special too. I stopped receiving my @ Replies as of last night and I never changed a setting. After having the issue I tried every possible Yatca options sequence, but still no go. Battery pull doesn’t work either. Reinstall does until I exit Messages.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Bob You lost me a bit at the end there. You’re saying that you reinstalled and started receiving replies again but then it stopped when you exited out of the Messages app!?

      Are your symptoms otherwise the same as ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ? As in, you’re receiving updates but not replies?

  13. Bob Garon Says:


  14. matt Says:

    I install every new version hoping that one of these times when I put my credentials in they will verify. Stupid BES at work. Do you by any chance know what on the BES exactly keeps it from being able to verify? I might be able to tweak some settings on there or make a modified IT policy.

    • Yatca Says:

      @matt Yatca doesn’t have any special requirements from a network perspective. It needs access to on port 80 and that’s about it. Is it possible that your Badmins have simply blacklisted in general?

      Also, have you tried setting Yatca’s ‘Use BES/MDS when available’ setting to ‘No’? Sorry if I’ve asked you this before.

  15. max Says:

    Can’t get yatca to work with BIS. Is there something I’m missing. I did set BES/MDS to No. Yatca keeps promoting me transmit fail.

    • Yatca Says:

      @max You can’t get it to work with the BIS?! Are you sure you don’t mean with a BES? I’ve only ever used it with the BIS and never had a problem. In what sense exactly is it not working? As in, when does it say ‘transmit fail’?

  16. cyberpyr8 Says:

    I love this app! I updated to 1.4.2 and the new additions are great. I find myself using Yatca more than the desktop clients. I am excited to hear about multiple account support possibly coming too. I did notice since I upgraded that I have about 4 messages that keep coming back after I delete them. They disappear for a few days then show up again. Not a big deal but thought I would mention it. It could be just me. I am running 5.0.93 beta on the 8900 and it is a little buggy.

    • Yatca Says:

      @cyberpyr8 Thanks! That is a truly strange bug you’re seeing there. Have had one other user test on the OS 5.0 beta and they didn’t report any problems like that. But I’ll keep an eye on it.

  17. paul Says:

    When I edit the alerts to not vibrate on every tweet, it still is active? How do I fix this?

  18. paul Says:


    It’s worse with this new version. I’m using a Storm 9530 with OS version and now I cannot see Yatca in the “Other” alert profiles to turn it off. Before I was using and I did see it. Not sure if this is even fixable. FYI I have other third party apps that show up no problem.

    • Yatca Says:

      @paul This appears to be a known issue on some versions of 4.7.0 and has been reported to RIM by a number of developers over the last two weeks. All are reporting similar symptoms to what you’re seeing. RIM have yet to say anything on the matter. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

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