Oops! Lets try that again…

Following the now-established pattern from previous releases, I’ve had to do a service release to fix something! It seems that the “deleted replies back from the dead” problem wasn’t just restricted to the special case when mention-checking is first enabled. This is the sort of thing that only gets found when others use the software. Big thanks to everyone who has reported this and apologies for having to update again so soon!

Incidentally, sometimes when installing an update your device will report that you are attempting to replace the current version with the same version. This is caused by erroneous reporting of a cached version number and can be safely ignored – you will definitely be installing the latest version.

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27 Responses to “Oops! Lets try that again…”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Hi, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but yatca doesn’t work with BB OS 5.0.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Anthony Funny that because I got an email from somebody two weeks ago telling me the exact opposite. In what way is it failing?

      • Aaron Myers Says:

        Yes, it did work. What error are you getting?

        • Anthony Says:

          Originally (upon upgrading from 4.6 to 5.0) i received a null pointer every time i opened yatca options, then once i deleted and reinstalled from scratch it stated that my connection was timing out.

          A few battery pulls later it seems to be working flawlessly. Could just have been a one off.

  2. Reuben Says:

    Seems like I am unable to take photos. Using Bold on a BIS and whenever I click on Photo it returns an error:

    The application Yatca has attempted to open a connection inside the firewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT policy.

    This is followed up with a Error loading photos: permission denied

    • Yatca Says:

      @Reuben Do you get that error when you press ‘Photo’ or when you press ‘Upload’? There is no network activity when ‘Photo’ is pressed – all it’s doing at that time is looking at image files on your device memory and SD card. It’s only when you press ‘Upload’ that Yatca uses the network. It really sounds like you’re on a BES rather than the BIS. Are you 100% sure about that? If it is the case that you’re on a BES then you need to talk to your BES admins and explain that Yatca needs to access files local to your device (the images) and establish connections to twitter.com:80 and twitpic.com:80. I’m almost certain that the so-called ‘split pipe’ warning that you’re getting does not occur in BIS-only environments.

  3. Reuben Says:

    100% sure I’m on BIS. I don’t have a BES server nor is my plan a BES one. really sure on this.

    I wonder if this has something to do with the new .266 OS as even my Twitterberry when uploading photos has a similar error. When i went to my firewall settings i notice that there was no option to unlock it and it was greyed out with a ‘lock’ sign so it seems that some sort of IT policy was enforced…

    But aren’t IT policies BES only?

    • Yatca Says:

      @Reuben It’s very weird indeed that even in a non-BES environment it won’t let you control your own device. Like you, my understanding was that IT policies were strictly a BES thing. I don’t suppose you’ve installed the leaked Desktop Manager 5.0 beta or whatever Desktop Manager version matches OS Could it be that they provide rudimentary IT policy control?

      Btw when did this come out? I upgraded my Bold’s OS less than two weeks ago to which I thought was the latest ‘n’ greatest.

  4. Shua Says:

    So I tried a few new twitter apps to see what they were about and u my friend are still way ahead of the crowd. All you need now are user icons and directmessages and you will offer more than everyone.
    So I tried ubertwitter and if click on a persons username it would show u there info that usually shows up in the twitter sidebar.
    That would be a cool feature. So do u know what we can look forward to in the next release?

  5. Daniel Garcia Says:

    This problem’s been prevalent in every version of Yatca, and it’s finally getting to be a little bit too much to bear. In the default theme (Zen on the storm), Yatca identifies new posts by bolding the text, and only the text. Following the convention of the Messages folder, the Icon state should also reflect “new” or “old” posts, namely because when you switch to a non default theme, all text formatting is dropped, and there is NO way to differentiate an OLD twitter message from a NEW one. Is there any way to include Icon states in the upcoming builds to play better with non-default themes?

    • Yatca Says:

      @Daniel Yeah, that’s easy to sort out for you (now that I’m aware of it – you never mentioned it before). I’ll have something in the next release. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

      • Daniel Garcia Says:

        Thanks for the prompt reply. I mentioned something way back in the 1.2.1(? early) release, but I’m pretty sure it just got mixed in with comment flooding, I just haven’t had the time until recently to repost it. Honestly, this application is just one feature shy of replacing all my other Twitter applications as a main. Once the icon issue is fixed, I can go back to using a different theme and reading Yatca updates in peace. Thanks again.

  6. crazymonkeydefense Says:

    In relation to your question on when 266 came out 😀

    I am using actually 4.6 Desktop Manager not even 4.7 so i don’t think it’s a problem there.


  7. Glenn Says:

    Good work, however, are you planning on incorporating a feature that lets you delete only Yatca tweets from the message area. It is very time consuming to go through and delete each tweet, while skipping over messages, or blackberry messenger messages. Doing a mark all as read does not deal with the messages still being displayed in the message area. I usually clean my messenger area out often and remove all messages, but until then, I cannot delete everything because doing so removes unread messages, messenger messages, etc.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Glenn A number of deletion-related improvements are on the list to be done. One will allow the user to configure Yatca so that read messages are automatically deleted after NN minutes. I guess there could also be an explicit ‘Delete All Read Yatca Items’ command. Thanks.

  8. Shua Says:

    so i was just wondering because its kind of annoying. when you upload a pic onto twitpic. you cant go to twitpic later and add a caption to your picture. you also cant go back and rotate the picture. but thats not a big deal cuz the viewer can rotate the picture. anyway my question- is there any way to upload a caption with the picture so that if someone goes back and looks at your pictures they will know what it means instead of just having to guess.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Shua Yes, TwitPic allows a comment to be included with an uploaded photo. The way the Yatca user interface works however, as you’ll have seen, is that the image is uploaded before the comment is entered. I’d have to change things around quite a bit therefore to support this feature. It can certainly be done though so I’ll add it to the list but with a low priority.

      • Shua Says:

        yeah i figured it would be kinda hard, i was just throwing it out there.
        (not trying to sound rude, just explaining my idea)
        it just seems like you could add a small text box to the screen that has the upload photo button. where we could type the comment for twitpic. then when we click upload pic it sends them both and continues with pasting the url in the tweet as it does already.

        im sure its MUCH more difficult than just adding a text box lol. i was just describing my scattered thoughts. i enjoy having input in this app. i use it more than any other.

  9. kdp Says:

    does this client need to be running all the time? seems that way, its a shame because this is my favorite client so far, but that is enough for me to switch, i love the notifications, but i’d prefer this work like the facebook app, in that the client doesn’t have to be running (at least not visible in application switcher) for notifications, maybe this can be adjusted down the road?…

    • Yatca Says:

      @kdp I’m not really sure I understand what the issue is. It’s running in the background (so that it can poll for changes to friends timeline and mentions) but it’s not a system app so this means it displays an icon in the task switcher. This is no different to most of the other built-in BlackBerry apps which also appear on the task switcher, e.g. Messages, Browser, Phone, BlackBerry Messenger, etc. The very first version of Yatca was marked as a system app but users complained then that there was no icon on the homescreen which meant that they couldn’t delete it. Remember also that just because the Facebook app can do something does not mean that a 3rd party app such as Yatca can – the Facebook app is written by RIM and has access to private APIs.

      • kdp Says:

        i realize that completely, i use the application switcher on the regular tho, and its just a personal annoyance, nothing huge, mostly aesthetic for me, that its running all the time, i was just really wondering if there was a way to disable that so that it wasn’t visible to me, out of sight out of mind is good enough for me

        • Yatca Says:

          @kdp If an app is not flagged as a system app so that it will have a home screen icon, it will also appear on the task switcher if it is running in the background. No way around that (for a 3rd party app anyway).

  10. Shua Says:

    so ive noticed limited activity on this site… it saddens me…. will there be an update soon? i know you were working on some stuff.. any updates or reports to give hmm… ? i push this app to so many ppl on twitter its ridiculous.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Shua Sorry, I’m still here! I was travelling last week and am very busy with my day job at the moment. But I’m working on a new version right now. Twitter made an API change last week which has messed me around a bit and forced me to rewrite something. But back on track now. Should have a new version out by the weekend at the latest.

      • Shua Says:

        sweet im actually downloading yatca onto my friends storm he got yesterday. right now. woot for updates. what will we be seeing if you dont mind sharing your secrets?

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