What’s keeping the next version?!

Sorry it’s taking so long to get the next version out. My original plan was to put out a new version this weekend but I’ve decided to hold off for a while longer. This is mainly so that I can add support for showing those little profile images that everyone except me seems to like so much. But I’m also going to make some very boring under-the-hood changes to improve efficiency by taking advantage of some recent Twitter changes.

Also in the next version, Yatca recognises @usernames wherever they occur in a tweet, email, SMS, etc. This allows you to view the current status for the user in question and follow them if you’re not already. The next version also adds support for some exciting new image storage services in addition to TwitPic. There are also some nice little improvements such as a ‘Delete Read Yatca Items’ command.

So please bear with me. My hope is that lengthening the release cycle will reduce disruption and improve stability. Thanks.

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5 Responses to “What’s keeping the next version?!”

  1. Shua Says:

    Aw and I was all excited for this weekend. But you do such great work. I can wait.

  2. MosRaw Says:

    I must say I appreciate the efforts and yatca has an eager audience for any improvements to the already good system.

  3. suthex Says:

    Loving and sharing Yatca.. But desparate for an option to not include blip.fm tweets in the follow timeline.. Got two prolific DJs who add 50+ songs to blip daily and make it impossible to find their good tweets amongst the junk.

  4. Michael Clark Says:

    Will http://twitgoo.com be in your next release as well?? Would love to be able to tell the world about your client.


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