Problems on leaked OS versions and App World

A number of users have reported a MissingResourceException error when trying to use Yatca on leaked new OS versions. Others have reported the very same error having installed a new version of the App World store front app. All I can say at this stage is that I’m investigating. Thanks!

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4 Responses to “Problems on leaked OS versions and App World”

  1. Blake Robbins Says:

    Any ideas to the “problem” or “challenge” with the app yet? Any info would be great. I reinstalled (ugraded) my OS and now Yatca isn’t working and I love Yatca and miss it so much! Ahhh! Keep me posted please

  2. John O Says:

    hey are you planning on making a version for OS 4.5
    i have an 8310 and would love to use yatca.


  3. Sanjie chatwal Says:

    Managed to get YATCA working on my storm, just edit permissions to give full access to communications and to the other categories. Then enable (for storm users) compatability mode. Do a battery pull afetr this and it seems to work!

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