App World incompatible with Yatca

The MissingResourceException problem that a number of users have reported is caused by an incompatibility between Yatca and the latest version of App World (  Installing the latter seems to change the behaviour of the message list integration APIs that are vital to the successful operation of Yatca. We have alerted RIM to the problem here. If App World is uninstalled Yatca functions correctly again so we suggest you uninstall App World should you wish to continue using Yatca.

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22 Responses to “App World incompatible with Yatca”

  1. Shmoopty Says:

    This must have been a painful post to write.

    It may be a bug specific to an OS version. I am NOT having any problems with this setup:

    Device: Blackberry 8220
    App World: v1.1.0.11
    Yatca version: Pretty recent? There’s no “about” screen.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Shmoopty Have you restarted Yatca since installing App World? The problem only affects Yatca’s start-up routines so if Yatca is already running when App World is installed you won’t see any problem. Would you be able to do a battery pull and see if Yatca is still working then? Thanks.

  2. Rob Says:

    Uninstalling App World on my Bold 9000 and reinstalling Yatca 1.7.2 worked. Thanks! Was lost without it.

  3. Troy Says:

    I was wondering if the new App World was the problem. Everything seemed to work fine, after installing it (little did I know that Yatca stopped running in the background), until I restarted the device and received the same error.

    I noticed that App World messaged me to let me know the QuickPull app had an update available — a nice feature, but it’s a shame that a sole program can completely cripple any and all 3rd-party apps!

    As an IT guy myself, I understand the frustrations you’re going through trying to get this resolved. I hope that RIM fixes it soon!

  4. Jonas Says:

    The App World really is a piece of cr*p. Not only does in not work (at least for me it does not), it also stops other, completely unrelated apps from working. Just removed App World and Yatca seems to work fine now.

    However, I noticed a little inconvenience. There seems to be absolutely no way to close Yatca (I mean _really_ closing, so it doesn’t appear in the list of running apps anymore). This wouldn’t be a problem usually, but I have to disable compatibility mode to use it and I guess the compatibility mode change only works if the app is closed and started again. Now I had to do a quickpull to disable compatibility mode for yatca.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Jonas Good idea, but the problem is that Yatca is an auto-start application. I’m almost certain that even if an ‘Exit’ command was added, it would be immediately restarted by the OS. I’ll double check though. Thanks.

  5. Carrie Says:

    Sorry, this is not really related to App World, but I have to ask. What is going on with twitter? Or is there a problem with Yatca? I can’t get any tweets on my phone. I can’t send any,and my timeline does not refresh. I haven’t changed any settings, all should be well. Is it me? Is it Yatca? Or is it twitter? I LOVE Yatca and would hate to have to lose it!

    • Yatca Says:

      @Carrie The problems are with Twitter rather than with Yatca. They’ve been experiencing major problems for the last 24 hours as a result of an ongoing DoS (denial of service) attack. Sometimes Yatca can connect and sometimes it can’t. It’s very hit and miss.

  6. freebirds87 Says:

    Are there any plans right now to update Yatca so that it’s compatible with the new app world?

  7. PhishShticks Says:

    ah, i was wondering why it wasn’t working. rim should really get on the ball with this one. are there any other methods of fixing the problem without uninstalling app world?

  8. AD Says:

    Thank you for providing this notification. I was beginning to think the problem was with Yatca, but I realized that the problems with my BB started right after I upgraded BB App World. It actually killed my BB and I had to get it replaced.

    I am not installing it ever again, but I am definitely going to re-install Yatca. IMO it’s the BEST Twitter client because I don’t have to open any apps to see the latest tweets. They are all delivered to my inbox, which makes it so much easier to keep up to date with everything. Keep up the good work!!

  9. me-me Says:

    I don’t know what changed, but after a restart yesterday Yatca started working for me again. I have version 1.7.2, and App World I reinstalled Yatca after App World was released, but it didn’t work at the time.
    I wish I had more data on why it worked this time, but the best I can come up with is that I uninstalled a program in App World (Calorie Counter by Fat Secret). I do know that I didn’t restart right after removing that program, but I’m not sure that the restart that got Yatca working again was the first restart after the uninstall.
    I haven’t restarted the phone since then, out of fear that this was a fluke. I don’t want to lose Yatca again.
    Perhaps someone else can try uninstalling something from App World and restarting to see if that does anything. It would probably be best if someone tries the same app that did it for me, as well as a different app.

    • Yatca Says:

      @me-me The problem will only occur when Yatca starts, i.e. following a battery pull or a full reset. So I’m afraid that as soon as you do this Yatca will fail again with the MissingResourceException. Sorry.

      • me-me Says:

        Yeah, I was getting that exception on reboots for several weeks or so after RIM broke the API, and it just started working again out of nowhere. I still haven’t restarted since then, so I do still have Yatca running. Is there anything I can do to get you some debugging info or anything?

  10. Simeon Says:

    Interesting, there was an update to App world, and YATCA started working, but then I installed a program and it has now stopped again.

    thought they had fixed it!

    • Yatca Says:

      @Simeon The problem only occurs when Yatca starts up. So if it is already running when you install App World you won’t have a problem. When you next restart the device however, it will fail.

  11. Jeff Dick Says:

    I want to try an app that it appears I can only get via app world. If I install app world and the app I want can I then uninstall app world right away to get yatca back?

  12. Jeff Dick Says:

    Problem solved?… I have Yatca 1.7.2 and just installed App World I installed an app using App World then did a QuickPull to reboot and Yatca is working just fine.

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