App World problem finally fixed!

The newly released version of the App World storefront fixes the problem that was breaking Yatca. The only snag is that it is more difficult than you might think to install the latest version of App World…

At the time of writing, if you install App World directly from the BlackBerry website you will end up with the old version even though it tells you that you are about to install (check under Options -> Advanced Options -> Applications following installation and you’ll see what I mean). The trick is to use App World to install the new version of itself. You can do this by launching App World and going into the ‘Top Free’ section.

With that uncertainty removed I can now get back to the next Yatca release!

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15 Responses to “App World problem finally fixed!”

  1. Chetan Says:

    Thats great! When can we expect the new YATCA version release? this week? 🙂

  2. Scuba629 Says:

    How close are you to a new release? Any planned new features?

  3. Steph Says:

    Awesome. 🙂 Now if only there was a OS 4.5 version of this app, I’d be happy. I’ve been wanting to try it out, but it doesn’t run on 4.5. Boo.

  4. ForumGuy Says:

    With the version 5 OS, I am receiving this error: net.rim.device.api.system.Controlled AcessException.
    Is the client compatible with the 5.0 OS release and does anyone know how to fix this?

  5. Steve Says:

    Again this is my favorite Application, but it still will not work with OS.5.0…any plans as the BB OS gets higher?

  6. Forumguy Says:

    I am running the Version of the BBerry OS and receiving a net.rim.device.api.system.ControlledAccess Exception when I launch the application.
    Any ideas on fixing this?

  7. Sikandar Says:

    Awesome.. just started using Yatca and I’m enjoying it! I wish there was an option to control the visual icon notification on the home screen.. so that it would only come on if I received a reply or DM for example, or basically only items that I’ve merged with my mailbox.

  8. davidcruise Says:

    what is ” invalid escape sequence, URI must be encoded ” what’s the matter

  9. pmk_mck Says:

    Two updates in a row from V@&#fone hosed lots of stuff on my BlkBrry Storm. Had to reinstall Yatca from DOS using:
    “JavaLoader.exe -u Yatca.cod”
    “JavaLoader.exe -u Yatca-1.cod”
    “JavaLoader.exe -u Yatca.jad”

    It’s an at your own risk kinda thing, but you can get the loader here:

    I removed appworld entirely prior…maybe i’ll put it back…maybe not…

  10. SAVJR Says:

    If you are running Yatca will not work; Most OS Versions for BlackBerry were updated this week so you will need to update your software. For Storm Users the latest 0S is .328 and Yatca works just fine.

  11. Chetan Says:

    SO are we having a new Yatca release? Its been a while!!! I love YATCA. Thanks!

  12. Kearra Says:

    I just wanted to say this software is great. No complaints, just a simple, yet genuine compliment! Thanks!

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