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Waiting to see RIM’s Twitter client

Wednesday, 11th November, 2009

Yes, it has been a while. Here’s the thing…when I heard that RIM were working on a Twitter client I suspended work on Yatca until I see what they’ve done. It has been reported that this official BlackBerry Twitter client will take a basic approach similar to Yatca by integrating with the message list. It will go way beyond what Yatca can do however and offer true push delivery of tweets (i.e. near real-time), integration with the Contacts application, support for pre-4.6 devices, etc. I am busy enough with other projects so it does not seem to make sense to try to compete with RIM if most or all of the above is true. Rumour has it that RIM’s Twitter client will land before the end of this month. When it does, I’ll review the options for continuance of the Yatca project.