Waiting to see RIM’s Twitter client

Yes, it has been a while. Here’s the thing…when I heard that RIM were working on a Twitter client I suspended work on Yatca until I see what they’ve done. It has been reported that this official BlackBerry Twitter client will take a basic approach similar to Yatca by integrating with the message list. It will go way beyond what Yatca can do however and offer true push delivery of tweets (i.e. near real-time), integration with the Contacts application, support for pre-4.6 devices, etc. I am busy enough with other projects so it does not seem to make sense to try to compete with RIM if most or all of the above is true. Rumour has it that RIM’s Twitter client will land before the end of this month. When it does, I’ll review the options for continuance of the Yatca project.

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9 Responses to “Waiting to see RIM’s Twitter client”

  1. ichoye Says:

    would u explain to me for use my update twitter with yatca ?

  2. Chetan Says:

    I wish you continue the development for YATCA. Whether RIM will relase its twitter client or not is distant future. But I really love YATCA. Wish you ca come up with some updates.


  3. danielle Says:

    Got a new blackberry storm running the 5.0 update… and for some reason yatca is acting up. But the weirdest thing is, when I had my old blackberry and I was also running the 5.0 update.. everything was fine. Any ideas?

  4. Kichigai Says:

    I hope you continue work on Yatca at some level. There really isn’t any other Identi.ca compatible client out there at this time.

  5. Suavechef Says:

    The claims that RIM is making a Twitter client have yet to be confirmed. Besides the date that was rumored for the release has way come and gone and still nothing. I think you should continue to work on the development of this twitter client.

  6. Ste Says:

    The fact that RIM is going down a similar route is a testament to the quality of Yatca. No one else really did the integration with inbox thing which for me was the best bit of Yatca and resulted in my choosing Yatca over the App store at the point that that was necessary. It’s a great client and I will continue to use it. Thanks

  7. Arik Says:

    You could just charge for the app. I’d easily pay anywhere between 5 and 10 bucks for it.

  8. Christopher Says:

    Direct Message Feature would be the icing on the cake for the app. I know RIM might release their own client, but let’s assume they don’t. That is why Yatca is so great I like to view the tweets in my inbox when they truly come in not in a program I have to open all the time.

  9. Blackberry Mobile India Says:

    Any updates about this? Remember that the official tag is not enough to get people to it. I think should have continued with Yatca

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