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Rage Against The Müchine

Tuesday, 22nd December, 2009

I jüst don’t like üsing those other Twitter clients and seeing as the official RIM client hasn’t surfaced yet, I thought I’d do another Yatca release to tide myself over for a while. There are now two different OTA installers for Yatca depending on your OS version. One installer is for users running OS 4.6 or 4.6.1, and the second is for users running OS 4.7 and higher. Please be careful to choose the correct installer for your device (check under Options -> About if you’re not sure). Here’s what’s new:

1. For Storm and Storm2 users, touchscreen support is now much improved. When reading a tweet you can swipe left to advance to the next tweet or swipe right to go back to the previous tweet. Also, the virtual keyboard now shows and hides itself automatically depending on what you’re doing (e.g. in the reading panel it is hidden but it appears if you start writing a reply).

2. Yatca picks up stuff that that your friends have retweeted using native Twitter retweeting. Yes, I know there should be something displayed to tell you which of your friends have retweeted it but I haven’t gotten around to that yet.

3. Yatca itself uses native Twitter retweeting now. If you really prefer to old-style “RT @superman: I am so strong!” convention then the ‘Old style retweeting’ option will enable you to revert back to doing it that way.

4. Timeline refresh and mention checking will now only occur when your device is idle, so you won’t suffer the irritation of the progress message popping up when you’re in the middle of doing something. Hurray!

5. If you use the ‘Pause Yatca Refresh’ command and then restart your device, Yatca will now stay paused. Previously, refresh resumed following on restart.

6. When composing an update, reply, or retweet, you are not hard-limited to 140 characters. You are still limited to 140 characters when you actually send the text but you now have a bit of wiggle room until you get to that point. I’ve explained this badly – try it out and you’ll see what I mean.

7. There is a new ‘Press enter to send’ option which does exactly what it says on the tin. This is disabled by default.

8. Yatca can now be configured to do an auto refresh as frequently as once every 2 minutes. As always, please remember that your battery life and data charges are entirely your responsibility!

9. There are a few aesthetic changes here and there, most noticeably to the appearance of buttons. This was mostly because the link-style buttons that I used previously looked pretty nasty on touchscreen devices.

(A Peaceful Christmas and Beautiful New Year to You!)