Yatca RIP…what should I do with the source?

As of the 1st of September, 2010, Yatca will no longer work with Twitter. The reason is that Twitter no longer supports the ‘basic auth’ mechanism that Yatca uses when interacting with the Twitter servers. The people at Twitter are not even slightly to blame here. I agree fully with their moving away from ‘basic auth’. They gave plenty of notice that this change was coming and they provided lots of advice on how to re-work client apps such as Yatca to use the newer OpenAuth mechanism. The simple truth is that with all the other commitments in my life, I just couldn’t find the time to make the necessary changes. In any case, the official BlackBerry Twitter client from RIM integrates with the Messages application and it was this single feature alone that drove me to develop Yatca in the first place.

I’m now trying to decide what to do with the source for Yatca. There is a lot of stuff in there that might be useful to somebody developing a BlackBerry app that interacts with Twitter (assuming you’re up to coding the OpenAuth bit yourself but it’s not rocket science). Maybe I should just turn Yatca over to the status.net people to see if they could do something useful with it – I really like what those guys are doing. Any other suggestions?

17 Responses to “Yatca RIP…what should I do with the source?”

  1. NIk Says:

    Hi! I love Yatca, I understand the fact that you may not have had time to make the necessary changes. But you should still try. The blackberry twitter client is ok, but the footprint is too big, one of the reasons why I love Yatca…. dont give up on it!

  2. Marco-Paul Breijer Says:


    I love Yatca for its simple and effective functionality.

    As a experienced Perl programmer I can maybe help. My knowledge of Java is not on a mediate level but I can dive into new OpenAuth specs etc.

    It would be a loss when Yatca dies!

    Greetz, Marco-Paul

  3. Gina Says:

    sad day for Yatca.. i personally recommended it to 10 friends running on their berries. sigh… i hate other Twitter apps like the official Twitter app or Socialscope or even Ubertwitter for that matter… oh and Seesmic too..

    I like the fact that Yatca has those number notifications on the top and the ability to integrate them into the message inbox which allows me to view it at a later time.


  4. William Lambton Says:

    I am not at all clear about where this comment will end up. Anyhow, here goes…

    Yes, it’s very sad Yatca is no longer compatible. Having got a new 9700 (once and for all to despatch that tiresome trackball on the 9000 – I was on my sixth in barely a year), I didn’t bother to reinstate RIM’s Twattie client, but retained Yatca. That’s probably because I am nowadays using Facebook in the same way as I used Twitter – viz. a wide sweep of communications with people most of whom I have never met. However, Yatca is in a special category. It is also a handy character counter for (mobile) Ping. I am about to format my new 9700, having discovered today that its OS (o2) is already out-of-date, will be clean installing several working applications and would like also to put back Yatca, even if I cannot use it for tweets. Is the download site still extant?? Interestingly, the OS was revealed to be out-of-date due to a bug within the old whereby emails containing hidden ‘Reply-to’ addresses are imperfectly understood by the software – your reply goes to the sender. Going back to the trackball, AFTER I had acquired the 9700, I got around to replacing the trackball on the 9000 myself. This engineering expertise will now benefit my son, to whom I have given the old unit. As regards your own development work, my lack of knowledge of code-writing(?) prevents an intelligent answer. Personally, I would rejig your own application yourself, and keep it as an alternative to RIM’s far more cumbersome one – then charge €10 for it; I for one would pay up without hesitation.

  5. Steffen Says:

    ahh sad man, really. yatca had the best message integration and this is still leaking for the official RIM twitter app. My recommendation what you should do with the code is to publish it under GPL.


  6. Jeff D Says:

    Have you made any decisions on the source code? I sure hope someone takes it and adds the new authorization piece. I’m a developer but I don’t have any experience with programming apps for smart phones. If I did, I’d offer to take it over. How big of an effort do you think it is?

    I’m curious about this comment you made about the new RIM client “the official BlackBerry Twitter client from RIM integrates with the Messages application”. I’m curious how you define “integrates with the Messages application”. Unless I’m missing something, the only integration I see is there is a single message in the Messages folder that says I have new tweets. This is a far cry from Yatca which would put each tweet in the messages folder thus allowing a user to see how many new messages they have, set up a saved search for favorite tweeters, etc.

  7. Anthony de Broise Says:

    I would love to take on the challenge of converting yatca to oauth. I think it would also benefit from the services my company currently offers. Please get in touch with me via my website if you’d like to discuss.

  8. Arturo Ilhuitemoc Says:

    I use a lot microblogging. When I’m on the computer, I always use Identica, but at school or at work, I can only use my phone.

    ÜberTwitter was a good option for me, because it allowed me to change the API root; but with the new OAuth thingy they removed that option.
    I recently discovered Yatca, but for some reason I can only post to identica, but not read the identica timeline. It would be nice if this project continued for Status.net users, and I’d also like some help with this bug.

  9. Matthias Says:

    As I have already said – I am quite interessted in the sources [in order to make some adjustments – you have my email – so it#s up to you to decide what are the next steps]

  10. Kunal Says:

    Sad to read this.. I really used Yatca a lot! It was fun! Hope u come back again! And if u don’t mind, can u plz share the source with me.. Being an ocassional coder/geek I’d love to work some thing out of it! 🙂

  11. Richard Says:

    hi~I’d tell you if you use a third-party API which is based on oauth, you can still use yatca. Many people in China use in this way cuz official twitter is blocked by our gov…

    Thank you for your effort to bring us a so good software. I hope that we can use API to upload photos in next version of yatca

  12. Curious blogger Says:

    Any progress on your decision? I would suggest releasing the source code, maybe someone finds the time and passion to continue Yatca development. Hit me up via e-mail once you’ve made a decision, I’m really interested in knowing what the outcome is.

    All the best, Yousif.

  13. Nick North Says:

    We have an in-house Twitter clone, rather like status.net, and Yatca is the only BlackBerry client that comes anywhere near working with it, as other ones seem to be withdrawing support for services other than Twitter itself.

    Yatca can post tweets but cannot fetch updates on our system, due to differing uses of “1/” at the end of the API URL. I am sure the differences could be ironed out easily, so am very much in favour of the source being made available for other developers to work on. The niche for BlackBerry clients for Twitter-like services is a specialised one, but Yatca seems to be the only contender and it would be a shame to lose it.

  14. bert2002 Says:


    did you decided already? Would love to have a look at the code 🙂

    kind regards


  15. Stirling Says:

    It would be terrific if you turned it over to StatusNet, as there still isn’t a BB client for StatusNet as far as I can see.

    Is there a way I can contact you directly on a related matter?

  16. William Lambton Says:

    All of a sudden a mass of email notifications, all arriving at ~9.30am today. Has Yatca sprung back to life?!

    • Yatca Says:

      Haha, no – afraid not. What happened was that I discovered that a whole load of comments I thought I had been approving over the last number of months actually hadn’t been approved at all.

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