1. Why is it called ‘Yatca’? Because it is Yet Another Twitter Client Application and I’m an engineer.

2. Will Yatca work on my BlackBerry? Your device must be running OS version 4.6 or higher. Yatca integrates with the built-in Messages application which requires the use of features that were introduced in version 4.6. The specific device model and carrier make little difference although Storm users seem to have mixed success.

3. How can I get my BlackBerry to support Yatca? If you are running a pre-4.6 version of the OS and really want to try Yatca it may be possible to upgrade the OS on your device. N.B. In some cases upgrading the device OS is contractually prohibited by your carrier. In other cases it will be blocked by corporate IT policy. So I’m not by any means suggesting or advocating that you do this. I’m simply making you aware that it can theoretically be done.

4. Why does the notification icon report unread messages when there aren’t any? The unread messages are probably in the ‘Non-merged Items’ folder. As the name suggests, items contained in this folder are not merged into the main message list. You can open this folder by using the standard ‘View Folder’ command within the Messages application but see the following question also.

5. How can I quickly open the ‘Non-merged Items’ folder? Yatca cannot provide a built-in command or shortcut to quickly open the ‘Non-merged Items’ folder because the Messages application does not provide the necessary hook. As a workaround however, many users define a custom search within the Messages application to return all items in the ‘Non-merged Items’ folder. On BlackBerry models with physical keys you can then associate this custom search with a shortcut (alt-Y is the obvious choice).

6. Why does twitter.com show all replies sent to me when Yatca does not? Under Yatca Options, ensure that the ‘Check for mentions of you’ setting is ‘Yes’. If this is ‘No’ (the default) Yatca will only collect replies that have been sent to you by somebody you follow. This is for data usage and battery life reasons.

7. How do I turn it off, i.e. stop it from receiving tweets? Go the the Yatca Options screen and set the ‘Auto-refresh interval’ to ‘None’. Whenever you want to receive tweets thereafter simply use the ‘Refresh Friends Timeline’ command.

8. Why do I get a weird error message when it tries to verify my account credentials? This usually happens because your BlackBerry is associated with a BES that provides an email delivery service but does not provide an Internet connectivity service. In this case, go to the Yatca Options screen and change the ‘Use BES/MDS when available’ setting from ‘Yes’ to ‘No’.

9. Why do I not see any updates/replies in my inbox? From within the Messages application, go into Options -> General Options, and ensure that the  ‘Hide Filed Messages’ setting is ‘No’. Even though the messages that Yatca inserts into the message list are not actually filed, the Messages application sometimes decides to hide them unless this setting is ‘No’. Big thanks to user J3V for this work-around!

10. How do I make Yatca work better on the Storm? When the Storm is running any application without explicit support for the touchscreen (i.e. all pre-4.7 applications, including Yatca) its default behaviour is to enter a compatibility mode. The theory is that this improves the user experience but the practice seems to be quite different. Most Storm users report that Yatca works much better when compatibility mode is disabled so since version 1.2.1 Yatca has installed on the Storm with compatibility mode disabled by default.

11. Will my BlackBerry run out of memory if I don’t delete Yatca updates and replies? Yatca mercilessly culls the oldest updates and replies to ensure that the total number never exceeds 1,000. A future version will offer greater control over the housekeeping.

12. How do I send a direct message to another user? The current version of Yatca doesn’t support direct messaging but a future version will.

13. Was Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone? I don’t know.

236 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. artandwatermia Says:

    Can you send Direct Messages, search for People, and see twitter users profile pics???

  2. MB Says:

    When will Yatca be available for the blackberry curve 8310? OS 4.5? I want this app so bad!

  3. conedude13 Says:

    any plans to release this for curve or other bberry’s with OS<v4.6?

  4. Federico "Edo" Granata Says:

    Hi, it’s possible to use your client with http://identi.ca ?
    They offer twitter like API so I think will be easy to add.

    P.S. sorry for my english 😦

    • Yatca Says:

      @Federico I’m looking at adding support for other micro-blogging and social networking services in future releases. Most likely the big guns first. Your English is fine mate – better than my Italian (Spanish?).

  5. Nephiko Says:

    Hi, was working fine two days ago, loved the app to bits, now i just keep getting the message

    Verification Failed: Failed to transmit

    Is there something specific that causes this, i cant figure it out personally. Didnt change anything, and still have the issue when i upgraded to the newer client.

  6. Brian J King Says:

    Hopefully we will see a way of separating tweets outside of maybe @ replies and DM’s in the default msg. inbox and then a full application for things like twitter search, full friend timeline, RT ability, Favorite tweet ability, etc.

    Adding ping.fm functionality too would be great. Also will you be adding twitter user avatar support?

    Lastly when you receive tweets it shows the twitter users name and not their twitter ID, is this supposed to be like this? Plz help. Thanks!


    • Yatca Says:

      @Brian Yes, pretty much all of your suggestions will be implemented (and the separation of tweets from replies will be the next major feature to be implemented). The only thing you’ve mentioned that I’m not so sure about is ping.fm. My preference would be for Yatca to natively support multiple micro-blogging and social networking services.

  7. nephiko Says:

    No, the device is not on a BES.
    Bold 9000

    • Yatca Says:

      @Nephiko Do you have a BIS plan then, and if so, do you normally access the web through BIS? If you reply to this using your device browser I’ll be able to tell from the IP address.

  8. nephiko Says:

    Unsure – this is my device

    • Yatca Says:

      @Nephiko Your IP address is in blackberry.net so you must be coming through BIS. Difficult to know what’s the matter in that case – it should just work. Is the firewall enabled on your device?

  9. Federico "Edo" Granata Says:

    why didn’t you open an account on http://getsatisfaction.com/ ?
    wordpress comments aren’t the best way to manage users questions 😉

  10. nephiko Says:

    Yes, the firewall is on, anything I can tinker with in ther to try fix my issues?

  11. Adam Says:

    Hey, first off I love the program. But a few questions, is there a way to do multiple replies without knowing the twitter name of the person? Also, is there a way to see ONLY tweets in the mail app? I have my updates set to 30 minutes, but since they are time sensitive and I get a lot of email, the tweets are not pushed to the top but rather when they were published.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Adam I’m not sure I understand the first part of your question…if you want to reply you just press the ‘Reply’ link button. If you want to see the tweets without the other messages, from the Messages application open the menu and choose the View Folder command – this will let you see the contents of the Yatca folder in isolation.

  12. J3V Says:

    I noticed after a while that i don’t receive every tweet from the people i follow. I don’t know if it’s just my device (8220 w/OS or some other issue. anyone else having this issue as well?

    • Yatca Says:

      @J3V You should definitely receive every update from friends. As regards replies from friends, it depends on the ‘Include replies sent to’ setting. The default is ‘You and friends’ which means that if a friend of yours sends a reply to a person who is not a friend of yours you will not see it.

    • anon Says:

      There were some problems at some point last week on Twitter’s end. I don’t remember if it was around the time of your post, but I definitely saw the same problems.

      Once Twitter announced it was fixed, Yatca started showing everything again.

  13. Ryan Says:

    Hey great app. I was wondering how to send pics to twitpic for the storm. Maybe I am just dumb and am not hitting the right button. If you could show me how its done that would be great. Thanks again and great app.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Ryan It should just be a matter of pressing the ‘Photo’ button when you’re in the status update screen. Then point the camera at your subject and press the ‘Take Photo’ button. If you like what you see in the preview press ‘Upload’. Press ‘Discard’ to take another photo.

  14. catstide Says:

    not sure about the storm non compatibility post but it is working fine on the storm. normal buttons…accelerometer working properly and ui is fine. i have the compatibility mode turned off.

    • Yatca Says:

      @catside Thanks for that. Not being a Storm owner myself, my experience of it is limited to testing on the simulator. I wasn’t aware you could disable the compatibility mode. Perhaps that’s the solution to the problems other Storm users are having.

  15. luijose Says:

    Best twitter app thus far. Many of the requested features in this page would make it even better. I wanted to report a “bug” where, if your font size is 7pts (BBAlpha Sans, 4.6, BB 9000), the Yatca icon appears truncated about two pixels at the bottom. With 8pt fonts the icon looks great.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  16. Adam Says:

    Allow me to clarify, is there a way to reply to multiple twitter accounts at once? For example: @person-a @person-b This is a tweet.

    • Yatca Says:

      I don’t think so. At the API level (i.e. the API being the low-level Twitter functionality on which Yatca depends) sending a reply involves setting a parameter indicating the previous status to which the user is replying. The fact that the reply text may begin with @person-a @person-b etc. doesn’t actually matter a whole lot. At least that’s how I read the API docs anyway.

  17. CrzyNic Says:

    I’m getting an error ‘Verification failed: Expecting white space.’

  18. DonnaMolinari Says:

    Is this application safe to download to Blackberry Curve 8330 Sprint v4.5?

  19. KyleHorick Says:

    I have a 9530 on BIS. When I try to hit the “Photo” button on the update status screen I get a “error accessing camera:null” Are there settings I can change to make this work?

    Do you plan on adding a Menu option to Media allowing you to “Send Picture to Yatca” Similar to Twitterberry.

    If that becomes an option Twitterberry will get uninstalled with the quickness. Untill then, guess ill have to use both…..

    • Yatca Says:

      @KyleHorick The “error accessing camera: null” problem is occurring on some models. Not sure why but attempting to find out. I like the idea of a “Send Picture to Yatca” command in the Media app…thanks.

  20. CHSI_Steve Says:

    Hi, LOVE the App as I did not like having to open another app just to see my Friends Timeline. I was actually trying bb Tweet, but that App has less control than yatca over what goes into my inbox.
    However, I do have a couple of requests for future updates:
    1/ Any chance we could see our friends pics or logos in each new tweet?
    2/ The one thing I did like about bb Tweet was the ability to actually forward the Tweet from your Inbox to somebody who may not be on Twitter, but who might be interested in an article that the Tweet was about and who could access the embedded link. I actually used that a lot in bb Tweet.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  21. Greg Says:

    Great app thanks very much. If you still need Storm beta testers feel free to email me.

    My Issue which I have not found addressed in the FAQs is regarding the twitter notification icon. I only use Yatca to tweet and not to be notified of others status changes. I have all my options in “Visibility in Message List” set to no. Which works great at not downloading others tweets but still shows the notification icon and count of tweets. Any ideas?


    • Yatca Says:

      @Greg Thanks for the comment. I think there may be a bit of misunderstanding around the ‘Visibility in Message List’ options. Having these options set to ‘No’ does not stop Yatca from downloading anything. It just means that anything downloaded won’t be merged into the main message list. If you invoke the View Folder command, scroll down to the bottom, and open the appropriate Yatca folder you’ll see the received items. If you want to completely stop Yatca from receiving anything simply set the ‘Auto-refresh interval’ to ‘None’.

      • Greg Says:

        Thanks for the reply the option ‘Auto-refresh interval’ is set to ‘None’, but I guess I have to delete all of the already downloaded messages in the yatca folder.

        Thanks again, and let me know if you need a beta tester, I’d love to help get the photo functions working…

  22. Rob Says:

    Great program, thanks for sharing it with us!

    I have had only one problem and it is regarding the new tweet indicator. Since install it has left me with 1 new tweet yet there are none. I have tried various methods to get rid of it, deleting prior messages, marking prior read, etc. however none has worked and I am wondering if there is a solution to this.


    • Yatca Says:

      @Rob The unread tweet is probably in one of the folders that is not merged with your main message list. Such tweets are still included in the count. You can see which folders are non-merged by looking at the Yatca Options screen. To open a non-merged folder use the View Folder command within the Messages application. This stuff will be revised.

  23. Ron Hudson Says:

    Hey, does yatca have it’s own twitter feed I could follow, so I get the latest info via twitter??

  24. Angelo Says:

    The yatca notification icon is displaying a number of ‘unread’ tweets in my inbox, yet – all of them have been read. I even deleted all the tweets in my message folder, and the icon won’t go away. Any suggestions?

  25. Angelo Says:

    nevermind, just read your response above…hope you guys can find a way to revise it because this app is great!

  26. Gavin Says:

    I just noticed that yatca does not include replies that may be to you and others if your name isn’t first. For example if you have “@abc @def Hi!” @def will not get it.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Gavin This is because, believe it or not, there is actually no such thing as a reply to multiple users! Just having @username at the start of a tweet does not make it a reply. What makes it a reply is that it is tagged internally with a set of fields that link it to the message that it is replying to. So adding an additional @username or more will not make it a reply to multiple users because a tweet can only ever reply to at most one tweet.

      All is not lost however. Assuming that the sender of the reply is somebody you follow, Yatca can still pick it up. If however the first @username in the reply (i.e. the real recipient of the reply) is not also somebody you follow you will need to ensure that the ‘Capture replies sent to’ setting is ‘Anybody’.

      Incidentally, ‘Anybody’ is not the default because some very popular tweeters tend to reply to lots of people with short tweets that are meaningless when you don’t know the context (not having seen the tweet to which they’re replying). The best example of this is @stephenfry. Just looking now at his 20 most recent tweets, 11 are replies to users I don’t follow and are therefore meaningless to me.

      • Gavin Says:

        Thanks for the update. I guess people didn’t realize that including @name in the middle of the post doesn’t make it a reply. Why I thought it was a reply is because my tweetdeck picked it up as a reply. I guess I know the official answer now.

  27. laurie Says:

    I use a Storm and when I attempt to refresh the friends time line I
    get an error saying request entity too large. It did work one time after the
    Initial install. Is it related to the number of people I follow?

    • Yatca Says:

      @laurie Am I correct in thinking that if you are manually refreshing the timeline then you are not using automatic refresh? The problem with this is that if you haven’t refreshed for a while and follow a lot of people you can have a lot of updates waiting on the Twitter server. In this case Yatca can easily hit the 512 KB limit that the BIS puts on any one download. I’m working on a fix for this that will use ‘paging’ when downloading a lot of changes. In the meantime, the workaround is to use automatic refresh. Thanks.

      • Laurie Desautels Says:

        Yes, you are correct that I am manually refreshing. I thought it would be better if I did this instead of automatic, given the # I follow. Not the best approach I see. The paging and filtering options you talk about for future versions will definitely be helpful. Thanks for your quick response. Appreciate it!

  28. steph Says:

    how can i uninstall this program? i have a storm and can’t figure out where the application was downloaded to and how i can uninstall it…or..is there any way to get rid of the counter?

    • Yatca Says:

      @steph Go into Options -> Advanced Options -> Applications. Scroll down to select Yatca. Make really sure it is Yatca that is selected rather than something else. Use the Delete command on the menu. Incidentally, the next version has an icon so you can just delete it the way you normally would.

  29. steph Says:

    is there a way to have the messages put into a separate folder other than the messages one? i get tons of twitter messages and then accidentally my emails..

    • Yatca Says:

      @steph Yes, did you investigate the ‘Visibility in Message List’ section under Yatca Options. It enables you to control what gets merged into your main message list and what is put in an non-merged folder that you can still get to using ‘View Folder’. This whole area is significantly enhanced in the next version which should be released within 1-2 days.

  30. Raffy Says:

    Can you post a step by step on how to define a custom search within the Messages application.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Raffy Why not…

      Lets say you want to define a custom search to return all items from the ‘Non-merged Items’ folder:

      1. Ensure the Messages application is open.
      2. Invoke the ‘Search’ command from the menu.
      3. Invoke the ‘Save’ command from the menu within the search screen.
      4. In the ‘Title’ field type whatever works for you, e.g. ‘Yatca non-merged items’.
      5. In the ‘Shortcut Key’ field choose something that works for you and isn’t already in use. Alt-Y is the obvious choice.
      6. In the ‘Folder’ field choose the Yatca ‘Non-merged Items’ folder.
      7. In the ‘Type’ field choose ‘All’.
      8. Press the escape key and save the changes when prompted.
      9. To invoke the search thereafter from within the Messages application, simply use whatever shortcut key you chose in #5.

      Edit: I should have said that the above is what works on OS with the language set to “English (United Kingdom)”. It might look slightly different in other English locales and on different OS versions.

  31. Brian McConnell Says:

    I am using the 8350i, when do you suspect the photo option will be fixed???? Liv Yatca but need to post to twitpic!!

    • Yatca Says:

      @Brian Can you tell me what problem exactly you are experiencing with the camera? My understanding was that the camera problem was only occurring on devices with 3 megapixel cameras but I see that the 8350i has a 2 megapixel camera. Are you sure the problem isn’t occurring at the upload stage, i.e. after you have taken the photo and pressed the ‘Upload’ button? TwitPic has been very unreliable over the last number of days as they move to a new data centre and this is beyond my control.

  32. Bob Garon Says:

    Amazing app!

    There is one thing missing for me: YATCA needs, needs, needs to have a separate audible alert just for @ Replies sent to you. I miss some of them until I jump on the net.

    Please can this be done as soon as possible? That would just make this thing perfect. 🙂



    • Yatca Says:

      @Bob Thanks! I’m not following your requirement exactly. Are you saying that it should be possible to configure replies differently to updates in your profiles (i.e. the ring tone, LED, vibrate, etc.)? Or are you saying that Yatca should be able to pick up tweets that are directed at you using the @ prefix? If the latter, there is a limitation in the current version of Yatca which means that it it only picks up updates and replies that come from a friend. It won’t pick up anything coming from other users even if they begin with @your_username. This will be addressed in the next version which will leverage the new ‘mentions’ capability that Twitter has just introduced.

      • Bob Garon Says:

        Actually what I am meaning is the audible, LED, and/or vibrate ability separately for @ Replies that are sent directly to me- not just the ones like Follow Friday, etc. Know what I mean?

        This would REALLY help out immensely because I am always losing important ones among my long list of updated friends. Then when I go onto the web Twitter it is so stinkin slooooooow. 🙂


        • Yatca Says:

          @Bob I was toying with the idea of doing that anyway. Slightly concerned about over-complicating the profiles but other than that not technically difficult at all. Thanks.

          • Bob Garon Says:

            If you were able to do this that would be the ABSOLUTE BEST Twitter feature ever…

            …thus making your app the BEST Twitter app ever!!!

            When are you thinking, just even a rough guess, your next release will be?

            I love this app! 🙂 Thank you so much.

  33. Steven Jones Says:

    It might be useful to have an option to ‘turn off’ yatca.. basically thinking about when I am at home with the laptop/pc i don;t need the updates on my phone too. I realise i can set the update to None, but it will still attempt to catch up on those missed when re-enabled. Would be nice to have a mode where when you bring it back it just starts from where it is now, or maybe with an addition option for how long back to look on a restart..?

    • Yatca Says:

      @Steven I see what you’re saying – interesting idea. I will add it to the list but I’d have to say it wouldn’t be a top priority. Thanks.

  34. TomCayman Says:

    Just downloaded this app (Twitterberry was having probs, so looked for something new), but found the problem per the FAQ that messages not showing in message inbox.

    Sure, the workaround of not filing messages was fine, but, like most email users, I live with many folders of emails, so if I don’t have them filed, my blackberry messages become impossibly cluttered with filed messages.

    Any idea when you can show the Yapta updates without this workaround ? Until then I will have to uninstall the app and go back to twitterberry.

    Shame, great app idea !

    • Yatca Says:

      @TomCayman I completely understand the frustration. The bug appears to be with the Messages app because Yatca doesn’t mark its message list items as filed – the Messages app is just deciding to interpret them that way for reasons best known to itself. That said, for performance reasons I’m working on taking a different approach to populating the message list and I suspect this may have an additional benefit in getting around the files message problem. Be sure to check the release notes for the next version. Thanks.

    • Trevor Long Says:

      Mate, i think the BEST thing is having messages REPLIED to you showing in inbox, THESE are the most important surely??

      I then setup a filter – notes here: http://trevorlong.com/thoughts-and-opinion_1505.shtml

      Try that perhaps?

  35. Brian McConnell Says:

    When do you think you might get the camera issue fixed, i am using a BB 8350i

    thanks Luv the Program!

    • Brian McConnell Says:

      the Error is “Error capturing image: the software interface to the camrera on this device has a known issue that affects interoperability with applications such as Yatca”

      • Yatca Says:

        @Brian Yep, that’s my error text – just a bit more descriptive than the default “null” that users were getting in earlier versions 😉

    • Yatca Says:

      @Brian I’m not actually going to fix the camera issue – I’m just going to delegate! I’ll provide the user with the capability to browse and upload any image from their device, and also a little convenience button to launch the device’s built-in camera app from within Yatca. This should be in the next version.

  36. Your dad Says:

    You should get out more often !

  37. Trevor Long Says:

    This is just outstanding. I’ve only JUST downloaded it, but already have huge raps on it.


    Love the whole thing, its just changed my Twitter world… makes it much more useful…


    • Trevor Long Says:

      Oh, sorry forgot to add.

      Two things

      1/ Yes, add the Upload To Yatca option from browsing photos, BUT ALSO from the photo taking app. Twitterberry for example does NOT allow you to choose “upload to twitterberry” when seeing your image after just taking it? however Facebook does. If you don’t get me, let me know, I will explain in more detail.

      2/ DELETE – if you are reading a full tweet, you cannot hit the delete key to delete.. need this.. badly.. Reply and Retweet are GREAT but add the DEL key functionality..

      Again, keep it up..

      • Yatca Says:

        @Trevor Thanks for taking all the time to do that! You’ve got some great ideas there and I’ve added them to the überlist. One thing to be aware of though is that the Facebook app is written as a bit of a showcase by RIM themselves and it appears to use some APIs that are not available to the rest of us. So just because the Facebook app can do something doesn’t mean that Yatca can.

  38. Sean Says:

    I’m getting a problem where my messages don’t show up in my message box at all. I’ve followed the FAQ, I’ve got the hidden ones on No like it says and everything. i know its not specifically for the storm but I’m running as my OS so everything should run without a problem, I’ve even disabled compatibility mode. does anyone have any idea what else i could do?

  39. Brian McConnell Says:

    GREAT PROGRAM, Luv it to death, has changed my Twitter expreience……..however, i am currently having to have both Twitterberry and Yatca on my BB due to the camera issue with the 8350i. When do you think you might have an update??

    • Yatca Says:

      @Brian I’m working on a completely new image upload feature. It will enable a user to upload any image from the various images folders on the device (built-in memory and SD card) and also let them invoke the Camera application to take a new photo. I was hoping to have this released before the Easter holiday weekend (Fri 10th to Mon 13th inclusive in this country) because I am going away for a few days but that is now looking unlikely. Sorry.

  40. Brian McConnell Says:

    Man ur the Best!! So I downloaded the update!! And I can take a pic on the 8350i , but how do I uplopad it to twitter?? Can I only take the pic??

    Please advise

    • Yatca Says:

      @Brian From the Update or Reply screen you hit the ‘Photo’ button. From here you hit the ‘Take a New Photo’ button which launches the built-in Camera application. Take one or more photos and when you close the Camera app and return back to Yatca thumbnails of the new photos will have been added to the gallery with the recent one selected. Simple click it (or ‘hard press’ it on a Storm) and it will show you a larger preview and ask you to confirm the upload.

      • Brian McConnell Says:

        Cool, that all works! Is there any way to change where YATCA looks for the picturs. I store all my pics on a micro SD card and YATCA is only looking on the device memory

        thanks !

        • Yatca Says:

          @Brian Yatca actually does look for pictures in both your device memory and on your SD card but it only looks in the two ‘official’ (i.e. camera-supported) image folders. On English locale devices these will be “/Device Memory/home/user/pictures” and “/Media Card/BlackBerry/pictures”. I will eventually get around to supporting image upload from an arbitrary folder but figured that for now, I could satisfy most users by supporting the two official image folders.

  41. fondoo Says:

    i am having trouble clicking on the links in yatca on the blackberry storm.

    • Yatca Says:

      @fondoo You’re talking about the link-style buttons right? I don’t know why you’d be having that problem – I don’t have a Storm. Can the touch screen on the Storm be recalibrated?

  42. Bob Garon Says:

    Are you going to be able to add an @ Reply alert for when we personally receive them from others in the next release?

    For me that’s the main thing missing from all the Twitter apps out there, but I really like yours the best. Great job and keep it up! 🙂

  43. Scott Says:

    Storm users need a shortcut or menu option to the non-merged folder

  44. Brian McConnell Says:

    The new update works great on the 8350i but I was wondering if it would be possible to tell YATCA what folder to find the pics other than on the device memory folder I currently store all of the pics I take on a micro sd card.


  45. Alex Says:

    Cool! TwitterBerry would not work on my Vodafone Italy powered Blackberry Bold. Yatca works though! Now I can tweet around Milan, and Italy.

    Good stuff!

    Keep up the great work – have twittered about this!



  46. spambaggs Says:

    Just updated to the 1.3.6 release, and I’m getting an error now, trying to use the photo button: “Error loading photos: File system error”

    • Yatca Says:

      @spambaggs That’s a simple one…third party apps such as Yatca can’t access the file system in the device memory or SD card if the device is in what RIM calls ‘mass storage mode’. So either disconnect your device from your computer or disable mass storage mode. Granted, Yatca should handle that error a bit better and tell the user what to do. I’ll improve that. Thanks.

  47. spambaggs Says:

    I’m not hooked up to the computer, and I’m not in ‘mass storage mode’, but I think I have a clue about the problem that may help you. I have an SD card inserted, but disabled in system preferences. If I enable the SD card in system preferences, the photo stuff works.


    • Yatca Says:

      @spambaggs To be completely honest, I didn’t know it was possible to disable the SD card! I’ll rework it for the next version so that it just ignores the SD card in this case. Thanks for the help on this.

  48. Thomasz Says:

    Yatca is really great! A much bigger deal than TwitterBerry. But the only thing that really sucks is that you have to delete all the tweets in the inbox manually. Something like “Delete all yatca items” or so in the context menue would be great because deleting hundreds of tweets when I turn on my BlackBerry in the morning is really horrible. 🙂

    • Yatca Says:

      @Thomasz You don’t actually have to delete tweets. Whenever Yatca adds new tweets it does a little Spring clean to delete the oldest ones, ensuring that there are never more than 1,000 tweets stored on your device.

  49. ionwen Says:

    love this app I really do, but I am still getting problems with uploading photos. I am using the updated version and get the error message “Error loading photos: Please disconnect the device from your computer or disable mass storage”. I have the mass storage mode turned off and my device is not connected to my computer. I have the BB Curve 8900. Any thoughts/ideas?!?!?!

    • Yatca Says:

      @ionwen Go into Options -> Memory and make sure ‘Media Card Support’ is ‘On’. This is a bug in the current version of Yatca that I have already fixed and will be included in the next version.

      • ionwen Says:

        Yep, Media Card Support is “ON”, Encryption Mode is “NONE” and Mass Storage Mode Support is “OFF”, still no joy!!! When is the next version being released?!?!? Thanks

  50. Steph Says:

    how big is one tweet on average?

  51. Tom M Says:

    Hey just wondering,maybe in the future releases you will be able to read the twitter and go to the next mail in your inbox (be it twitter or regular email) by pressing the “N” button for next, and thus marking the prior tweet as read???
    Thanks in advance , Tom

    • Yatca Says:

      @Tom Full shortcut/hotkey support is one of the major features in the next release. I’m following the existing conventions where applicable:

      ‘n’ to go to next tweet
      ‘p’ to go to previous tweet
      ‘u’ to go to next unread tweet
      ‘del’ to delete the tweet
      ‘f’ to forward
      ‘r’ to reply
      etc., etc.

      Already implemented and working…on my phone (edit: but only on my phone because it hasn’t been released yet).

  52. Tom Says:

    Yes that is working for me as well when i press the ‘N’ key, but it does not mark it as read.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Tom You might have misunderstood me…the shortcut/hotkey functionality in Yatca has not yet been released. It’s in the next release. What you are seeing when you press ‘n’ or ‘p’ in the Messages app is the behaviour that’s built into that app (it goes to the next and previous day respectively). This has nothing to do with Yatca.

  53. Aria Rajasa Says:

    Will await for that keyboard shortcut release 😀 Please release soon. Been waiting for that killer feature 😀

  54. Lyndon Says:

    I have tried to install this application to my Storm (on Verizon network) and constantly get an error accessing an XML file during authentication. Is there a network setting I should change?


    • Yatca Says:

      @Lyndon At the time you logged this comment the Twitter servers were under very heavy load. In this situation they sometimes emit a static HTML page which Yatca chokes on. The problem should not be continuing. If it is continuing, and you are a BES user, have you seen the ‘Use BES/MDS when available’ setting in Yatca Options?

      • Lyndon Says:

        @Yatca I have toggled that setting with no success. I end up receiving the error when validating the credentials. Could this be a problem with my BES privileges?

        • Yatca Says:

          @Lyndon Yes, it’s 99% likely to be BES-related. Suggest talking with the BES admin(s) wherever you work and telling them that Yatca needs access to port 80 on twitter.com – they’ll know what that means.

  55. Jason Says:

    This is a great app and the integration into the BB OS is brilliant, particularly the menus and the yatca logo with the number of unread tweets on the main screen. Very nicely done.

    What I’m wondering is if there’s a way to separate out all received tweets/DMs/etc from the main mailbox other than putting them in the non-merged folder? I have a ton of folders so going to “view folder and ” scrolling down to the yatcha folders is a lot more keystrokes than a clicking on a separate app. Did I miss a way to do that? If not, could it be added? Or is there an app that can open a folder as a short cut?

    (I just hope the deep integration isn’t dependent on using a mail folder)

    • Yatca Says:

      @Jason Thanks! The question about quickly opening the ‘Non-merged Items’ folder was addressed in the FAQ but mixed into Q4. I’ve just now separated it out into a question of its own (Q5).

  56. Brian McConnell Says:


    I am a big fan of the Today & Today + Zen Themes for my phone, i was wanting to know if it is possible to have the unread Yatca Tweets appear in the Today Home screen under messages like regular BB mail does??

  57. Abhishek Mukherjee Says:

    What license is yatca? Or do you have a scm up somewhere? I ask because I’d like to help if I could but I can’t really do that if I can’t get the code 😦

    • Yatca Says:

      @Abhishek Unlikely to be sharing code any time soon.

      • Abhishek Mukherjee Says:

        @Yatca shame, the blackberry really does need more open source development. You should consider it. I kind of wanted to a) learn the bb api and b) fix the issues Yatca has with the Storm (screen does not rotate, cannot slide between messages, can’t hide keyboard, and scrolling in the options is kinda queer). No better way for either of those two than looking at the code :P. think about it, i could magically fix all of those for you and you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.

        • Yatca Says:

          @Abhishek Sorry, I’m not biting. Regarding the issues you’ve mentioned, I was using Yatca on a Storm just the other day and had no problems with being able to hide the keyboard, scrolling in the options screen, etc. Do you have compatibility mode turned off?

          • Abhishek Mukherjee Says:

            Going into applications and highlighting over yatca -> bbmenu button gives me the “Disable Compatibility Mode” so i assume it’s on… unless rim decided to pull a fast one on me. The hiding keyboard is not as important as the scrolling to other messages (as in, sliding finger from right to left on a yatca message to get to next message in message box). I suspect this is the same issue as the “queer scrolling” i mentioned. To elaborate, in the messages window, holding down on the screen and pulling up makes the list basically pin to your thumb. settings for yatca seem to go the other way sort of except it also magic-scrolls (if you hold thumb at bottom near keyboard it just keeps scrolling). Which would be nice if it wasn’t so damn sensitive.

            i’m on the 9530 with

            • Yatca Says:

              @Abhishek I’m told that Yatca works better on the Storm with compatibility mode disabled so you might want to try that. Gesture-type features like being able to flick your finger left/right to go next/prev will require a Storm-specific build of Yatca because the necessary APIs aren’t in OS 4.6 which is the current base. That is less short term and more medium term tbh. Appreciate the feedback btw. Thanks!

              • ethang Says:

                cool looking app – i gotta agree with Abhishek, if Yatca was released on GPL i’d be much more likely to install it… knowing it’s free (as in liberty, not cost) today, and will still be available free tomorrow. But thanks for sharing it now, looks good!

  58. MaH112 Says:

    Having the “Use BES/MDS when available” option checked, does YATCA use WiFi? If not, do you plan on adding this feature some time soon?

    Thanks for the great app! 🙂

    • Yatca Says:

      @MaH112 BIS/BES connections always use Wi-Fi if available. This is something that happens automatically and doesn’t have to be requested by Yatca – RIM refer to it as the least cost routing guarantee (or words to that effect). An application can also explicitly establish a direct non-BIS/BES connection through the Wi-Fi interface and if BIS/BES is not available for whatever reason Yatca will always try this before dropping back to using the carrier’s WAP gateway.

  59. dalvers Says:

    Just testing Other Laconi.ca support. When I access my the Laconica microblogging software version 0.6.1 I get an error:

    Verification failed: The id XML element was not present in teh response from the server.

    I have confirmed the API path is “xxxx.com/util/api” by doing an XML API call and getting back the public timeline. It prompts for basic authentication without a problem.

    Nice app and looking forward to getting my private server working.

    • Yatca Says:

      @dalvers According to the Laconica people, certain features on which Yatca depends were only introduced in version 0.7.1 or 0.7.2 of Laconica. So I’m afraid you’ll need to upgrade your server if you want to use it with Yatca. The current version of Laconica is 0.7.3. Note however that this version does not yet support mentions (in a Twitter-compatible way) so your users will have to disable the ‘Check for mentions of you’ setting in the Yatca Options.

  60. spambaggs Says:

    Any possibility of supporting the GPS or GeoTagging tweets in the near future?

  61. Shrinivas Says:

    This app is a godsend, thanks very much! The integration with the message service is fantastic, although some option to schedule a spring clean on the yatca messages would be awesome. Tried all the other apps apart from socialscope (no prizes for guessing why) and liked this one the best. Best thing since sliced bread and red bull I tell ya!

  62. John Says:

    I’m trying to make @replies show up in my regular inbox? Or does everything have to go to one of the yatca folders?

    • Yatca Says:

      @John The ‘Merged Items’ folder contains items that are merged into the main inbox. The ‘Non-merged Items’ folder contains items that are not merged. This is just the way the BlackBerry works. To control what is merged, non-merged and discarded go to Yatca Options and see the various filter settings under ‘Incoming Item Options’ and ‘Outgoing Item Options’.

      If you are seeing some @replies in your inbox but not others, have you seen FAQ #6?

      If you are not seeing anything at all in your inbox, have you seen FAQ #9?

      • john Says:

        Thanks…That doesn’t work for me since if I don’t “hide filed messages” I’ll literally get hundreds of messages showing in my inbox each day.

  63. John Says:

    How difficult would it be to have like…the blue icon for updates, say.. a yellow icon for replies and perhaps a red one for direct messages (when that’s implemented)? I know that’s just a cosmetic thing, but I think it would really enhance Yatca.

    The way Yatca is set up, I don’t know how you would incorporate listing friends, followers, and info on both. Not a huge issue. One can always go to the web for that.

    • Yatca Says:

      @John Noted, though I’d probably lean more towards different icons altogether rather than just using colours – a very large percentage of the population is colour blind after all 🙂

  64. Danielle Says:

    just upgraded my storm to the most recent version that came out on sunday… having a few problems with yatca because of it now. 😦

  65. J3V Says:

    How does the integration with Twit.tv work? i havent been able to quite figure it out.

    • Yatca Says:

      @J3V Not really following you I’m afraid. To use TWiT.TV you just change the ‘Microblogging Service’ to that, enter your TWiT.TV username and password and off you go. Is this not working?

  66. J3V Says:

    I got it actually Thanks! I got a question for you though. Would you ever consider making yatca into a desktop app as well? maybe running on adobe air? or java?

  67. Patrick Says:


    when sending something like “\o/” .. YATCA will miss the \ .. so it will only send “o/” … I guess this is an issue with some escaping sequence .. I’d be glad if this could be fixed tho 😉

    Anyway, great work!


  68. John Fones Says:

    Love your software it’s great! I skimmed the comments above and I didn’t see this so I thought I’d post a message!

    I’d love to be able to select which users show up in my inbox. Almost like a group in Tweet Deck. It would be great and very easy to reply, retweet, ect. from the message application.

    Great work, let me know if you need more info.


    • Yatca Says:

      @John Thanks! A feature such as you describe has been talked about since the first few versions. I’ve usually referred to it as friend filtering or something like that. One of the reasons I’ve been slow to do it is that I’ve been suspecting (hoping?) that Twitter might add something like that at the service level. They already have the concept of favourite tweets so the concept of favourite users seems obvious enough (particularly when you look at the huge number of friends that some Twitter users have – they can’t possibly be reading the tweets from all of them). Perhaps I should be a bit more pro-active in suggesting this to them…

  69. Marty Says:

    Hi, I want to start by saying that this is by far my favorite Twitter app (and I’ve tried them all). My question is one that I bet is probably not right for this area, but I want to ask it anyways.

    I am a huge addict (as I understand a huge amount of people also are) of Crackberry.com. Would it be possible to create a YATCA-like app for crackberry? I.E. one that created a similar icon on a blackberry’s homescreen (like YATCA does) but in this case the messages in your inbox would reflect Crackberry PM’s or reply’s to a thread that you are subscribed to?

    Again, I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this question, I just think it would be awesome.

  70. ababa Says:

    thank you for this application.
    ERROR MESSAGE is: Failed to refresh statuses : Unknown user or incorrect password!

    But all info is correct. It won’t let me update or refresh and I have rebooted and so on… thank you for any help

    • Yatca Says:

      @ababa Twitter did some major upgrades yesterday. Is the problem still occurring now? Can you go into Yatca Options, verify that your username is correct and re-enter your password. If it says that it’s verifying your credentials this means that your password was wrong before (i.e. it changed since you originally configured Yatca).

  71. fondoo Says:

    anyone know why i cant install yatca on my 8310?

    i get a net_rim_bbapi_messagelist is missing.

    • Yatca Says:

      @fondoo Please see the ‘Welcome to Yatca!’ sticky post at the top of the page. Go into Options -> About if you need to find out what OS version is on your device.

  72. Seth Says:

    Just FYI … I’ve noticed an issue with Yatca locking up while trying to refresh when data services are unavailable, specifically, it displays the “Refreshing friends timeline” and then no longer responds to any key other than the “End Call” button. The only way to clear Yatca is to reboot my BlackBerry. As an example, I use my BlackBerry as a tethered modem often enough and when Yatca tries to update, it never seems to recover without needing a reboot.

  73. Bobby Says:

    Hi, I loved using Yatca on my Storm but when I got my Tour I couldn’t use it. I get the message “Uncaught exception: net.rim.device.api.i18n. MissingResourceException” whenever I try to access Yatca. This message also pops up when I reboot my phone. Any suggestions?

    • Rob Says:

      I’m having the MissingResourceException as well. I’ve removed and reinstalled the application, both on the device and through the DM, with no luck.

  74. Aaron Slack Says:

    Hi! Let me first say I *love* Yatca! Getting my @ replies pushed to my BlackBerry message box is awesome. I have never had a problem with Yatca until yesterday, when I installed the new BlackBerry App World v. Now I get this message when I try to start Yatca (and at device startup): “Uncaught exception: net.rim.device.api.i18n.MissingResourceException”. And then Yatca fails to start. I have tried several uninstalls of Yatca (including using Desktop Manager) and reinstalls. Same error every time. I am running OS on VZW network, Yatca 1.7.2.

    Please help! I want to use Yatca again.

  75. Tom Says:

    Having a problem with Yatca, ever since
    I loaded the new BB App World version
    The program won’t load at all since I downloaded that new version.
    Are there compatability issues maybe??
    this is a great program on any Berry
    Please advise,

  76. Tom Says:

    Forgot to add that I am running Sorry

  77. Casper Says:

    Where can I find the Yatca Options screen? when I open Yatca it immediately goes to the screen to type a message and the menu has no ‘options’ item.

    (Running Yatca 1.7.2 on Vodafone NL BB Storm 9500 with software)

    • Yatca Says:

      @Casper The main way to interact with Yatca is through the Messages application. So go in there, press the menu key and you’ll see all the Yatca commands.

  78. Tom Says:

    Any updates on this version (1.7.2) not working ever since the new App World version ( came about???

    I’m dying over here!!

    • Yatca Says:

      @Tom The problem is that AW breaks an API that Yatca must use to do its thing. There is no work around so until RIM fix this, the only solution for Yatca users is to uninstall AW. We have given RIM a detailed description of how to reproduce the problem but they have not yet responded.

  79. Nathan Says:

    Hello – I recently got a replacement Storm (9530) and have installed the newest version of Yatca. Since the install, I have been having time out issues (sending and receiving updates). Anyone else? Any suggestions?
    I love this program, and would like to get it working ASAP! (Yatca 1.7.2, OS, Telus Network – Canada).


  80. Tom M Says:

    just downloaded the new BB App World Version ( and tried downloading the YATCA program again.
    But same problem as before???
    I need my YATCA!!! 🙂
    Any advice????

    • Yatca Says:

      @Tom M The only advice I can offer is to uninstall App World and ask RIM to fix the APIs that are broken. Yatca can’t work without them. No workaround!

  81. drscream Says:

    Hello, thanks for the nice application. Are there any License Information for that program and might it be possible to be open source? Or is there another wayto help coding? 🙂

  82. John Craven Says:

    I’ve been using Yatca for a while and with the most recent version, I’m constantly getting an invalid username/password msg on tweets (it clears after 2 or 3 times, so I know my password is correct…and I’ve retyped it). Photo uploading doesn’t work at all (always says invalid username/password). Agian, I have retyped my password multiple times and it is correct.

    What’s the deal?

  83. Michael Says:

    One feature request: I follow a decent number of people. When I run Yatca it just constantly streams tweets to my phone. Thats great and all, but many people I don’t care about at the time.

    I use tweet deck on my desktop with an extensive amount of filters to tame the madness, but I don’t have this on Yatca.
    My request: a way to blacklist twitter users from the app. This way their tweets are not delivered to my phone’s inbox at all. That way I can utilize Yatca in a more sane manner: recieving tweets from my friends only, and no others. If I want to look at the other tweets, then I can use the web interface.

    I do second the suggestion above regarding multiple alert profiles (for a tweet, for replies, and eventually for DMs). If the are all reconfigured to an agreeable setting, then the standard user will not have to be ‘confused’ and will not even need to see the settings at all. Us power users on the other hand will have lots of more customization ability.

    Thanks for the great app!

    • Yatca Says:

      @Michael Thanks! The ability to filter out (or perhaps filter in) certain users for updates on the device is on the roadmap and I agree would be really useful!

  84. david hamilton Says:

    I have tried four IM clients for BB now and I just wanted to say this is AWESOME. I love the interface, the options, the features… This program has made me interested in Titter again.

    Thank you.

  85. Jeff Dick Says:

    Is there a way to check for new versions from within the app or do I need to go look for new versions?

  86. steve Vitali Says:

    This is my favorite twitter ap by far for my BB Storm because it utlizes the Native Email Client however the BB APPWORLD Bug is driving me insane. I have to reboot my phone two or three times just to get it to work even with the new version of APPWorld when will this be fixed?

    • Yatca Says:

      @Steve Because the bug is in App World and not Yatca, there is not a whole lot that we can do about it. As was said in my most recent post on this subject, they have now fixed the bug in App World but have not yet released the fixed version to the public. You can keep an eye on the issue on RIM’s website if you want to be the first to know. We share your frustration!

  87. Daniel Alvers Says:

    Is it possible to get access to the latest OTA version? I am unable to use App World so am still using r1.7

    • Yatca Says:

      @Daniel Yatca is not available on App World and never has been – the OTA links in the right hand sidebar of this blog are the only way to install it.

  88. Abbs Says:

    Hi mate,

    Hope all is well. I did look for private way to contacting you but…

    FYI, with the latest beta OS 5.x.x.x Yatca fails to start with an exception error. As you may know new devices are to be launched soon with OS 5.


  89. Josh Says:

    Is there any chance of having images from Twitpic/Yfrog/etc show inline with the tweet? (Or at least inside Yatca?) The website dabr.co.uk does this and I’ve thought it was a great feature to have and I hate waiting for the BB browser to load the whole page so I can see the pic.

  90. steve Vitali Says:

    When will this work with BB OS 5.0.0.XXX?

  91. Maine Says:

    Hey just wondering,maybe in the future releases you will be able to read the twitter and go to the next mail in your inbox (be it twitter or regular email) by pressing the “N” button for next, and thus marking the prior tweet as read???
    Thanks in advance , Maine

    Blog advertising network

    • Yatca Says:

      @Maine I’d love to have it work that way but unfortunately this isn’t supported by the BlackBerry. Yatca can only ‘see’ Yatca items in the inbox – it can’t see email, SMS, etc.

  92. Otti Says:

    Is it possible to use one twitter and one identl.ca acount at the same time with yatca? and If so how do I have to config it?


  93. Bones Says:

    Just downloaded the latest version today for the BB Tour running 5.0 OS. I can only update my status. How do I navigate to the current timeline?

  94. Giana Says:

    I just downloaded the latest version of YATCA, I love it, and YATCA has been my favorite twitter app to date, but I am getting updates from people I don’t follow. I don’t know what is happening, but I wish I could go back to the old version because it is rather annoying. I know it is only showing up on my YATCA updates, because I also have SocialScope and it doesn’t show any of the random people in the SS app. I have tweeked all the settings but I still see all the random people showing up in my timeline…. any help? Or can I get the old version OTA so I can go back to the YATCA I know and love??? Please and Thank YOU!

    • Yatca Says:

      @Giana Thanks! Those seemingly random tweets you’re seeing from people you don’t follow aren’t random at all. They are tweets that have been retweeted by people you DO follow. That’s just the way Twitter’s new native retweeting feature works. As I said in the post announcing the current version, I really should indicate somehow that a tweet is a retweet but I didn’t get around to it. If you go to http://twitter.com/ however and look at your timeline there you can easily distinguish between original tweets and retweets.

      You might find that some people you follow tend to retweet excessively. In this case, you can adjust the way you follow them so that stuff they retweet won’t be shown in your timeline. To do this, go to http://twitter.com/following and click on the person in question to view their timeline. You’ll notice a little ‘recycle’ icon to the right of where it says ‘following’. Click on this to stop their retweets cluttering up your timeline.

  95. Larryzh Says:

    Hi, I have Yatca 1.8.2 on my model which is 9000, and its os is v4.6.0.307. I’m in China and I have to use an api, such as t.bbercn.com

    Before when I used Yatca 1.7.2, I occasionally got the friends’ timeline by refreshing manually, but got message: Failed to refresh statuses: Page fault accessing tag table when Yatca regularly refresh itself. Now I use 1.8.2 and I completely could not retrieve the friends’ timeline at all with the same message poping up.

    I love the Yatca’s type of listing twits very much. Do you know how to resolve my issue?

    • Yatca Says:

      @Larryzh The error “Page fault accessing tag table” occurs when the XML data retrieved from Twitter is corrupted. I am guessing that this is being caused by the fact that you have to use the t.bbercn.com proxy. Can you perhaps try another proxy?

  96. chuckcalo Says:

    Hi, can you please make this available to work on 8900 os ? It’s not working.

  97. Tom Says:

    I was wanting to use your program for accessing status.net instances (like twit.tv) but when it tries to retrieve, I get the message “failed to refresh statuses: not found” I get this message when I try identi.ca, army.twit.tv, and the one I want to use, tech4all.status.net. Twitter settings do work.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Tom Yeah…sorry about that. The most recent change to Yatca (i.e. the one 3 months ago) switched to using an API that only Twitter seems to support currently. If you want to ask the other services when they might add support for it, it’s called the “/statuses/home_timeline” API. If I ever produce another release of Yatca I’ll put in some logic to fall back to the older API when the new one is not available.

  98. Blumax Says:

    I’m using Yatca v1.8.2 on a blackberry 8900 (running When I try to upload a photo i get the message “Failed to upload photo: Moved Permenantly” (sic). And indeed, the upload failed. I tried to save photos to external/internal memory, smaller sizes etc but got the same results. What’s going wrong?

  99. chuckcalo Says:

    Hi, I would love to see a new version of Yatca .. I really LOVE the interface so clean I would love to see a more powerful Yatca ie. with timeline/mentions/etc I know this is possible 🙂 Don’t let it die 😉

  100. Jeff Dick Says:

    I had to restore my BB and have been unable to verify my twitter credentials via Yatca ever since. I was on OS 4.6.1 when I first had problem yesterday. I have since upgraded to BB OS 5.0 and reinstalled Yatca. I still get the same error “Verification failed: Unknown user or incorrect password!”

  101. Diana Says:

    I noticed my Yatca updates stopped coming in yesterday, and it gave me the error of ‘unknown user or incorrect password’. I’ve reentered my username and password many times and it still doesn’t work!
    I miss Yatca 😦

  102. Guest Says:

    your ota installer links don’t work!

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