There seems to be a little bit of confusion around the purpose of this page. It is to enable me to thank individuals and organisations who have helped in the development of Yata and not for Yatca users to thank me. 

The Tondo font used in the banner of this website and in the application itself is by Salvo Nicolosi. You can visit an online gallery of his work at

27 Responses to “Thanks”

  1. Chetan Says:

    Wow – Excellent! app! It would also be cool if the same or similar can be made for Facebook application. Is it possible?

    Kudos! Keep up the good work, Now I like my BlackBerry even more… 🙂

  2. catstide Says:

    i’m liking this app as well. i have tried a couple of other ones and this is my favorite so far. i realize this app was born out of the idea that you wanted all your messages including tweets to be in one mailbox however i would like to see an option to not have them show up in the message folder but to be filed in a folder under a yatca icon. i like the fact that the icon shows up in the unread notifications when you receive a tweet but sometimes they can overwhelm your inbox. it would be nice if this was a feature that you could turn on or off. if off, you would see the notification in the unread icons but would have to go to the yatca icon to read the tweets.
    …..just a thought……

  3. Greg Says:

    I have a Curve 8900 & still can’t take & upload photos. Otherwise a good app.

  4. Greg (different Greg) Says:

    Thanks again, great app!

  5. Carrie Says:

    I like Yatca thus far. I CAN take a picture, but I can not upload it. I am hoping for a fix for this…..then, in my opinion, Yatca would be perfect 🙂
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  6. William Lambton Says:

    I installed Yatca on my “Bold” only a few hours’ ago and report an
    IMMENSE improvement in Twitter use since. If, after a trial period, I
    had had to pay €30, even €50, for the installation, I would have. Twit’s
    mobile site is currently ‘acting up’; so, for days now, I have been
    lumbering around the full site on my BB – pure hell!

    The idea of using the BB’s messages’ folders is FIRST RATE! Well
    done. It’s the cleverest and easiest part of a BB, being primarily an email
    machine. No doubt before long Yacta will connect with the BB address
    book, too – or so one would hope.

    Is this the right place for general comments, by the way? Currently,
    all of my web access is via this “Bold”. Good piece of kit as it is,
    hunting for things on websites isn’t easy, for obvious reasons.

    William Lambton, Ireland, 0601GMT, 03.04.09.

  7. William Lambton Says:

    May I post “agus is app Éireannach é Yatca freisin!” as from
    Yatca (if you will also translate – I only know “agus”!)? Advise.

    Funny prob with unmerged folder on this Bold. Something
    “illegal” to do with Java. Reloading app did not fix, so have
    reloaded again with DISCARD for replies from friends to non-friends
    (the only thing I need a second folder for) and all well. But it’s
    obviouly a glitch. Each time I retried to touch in any way items in
    that folder, warning came up and the Yatca menu replicated itself,
    all menu items eventually replicated five times! Odd.

    Confirm though Yatca is a brilliant idea. 100% hooked.


    Moylough, Co. Galway.

    • Yatca Says:

      @William To translate first, “agus is app Éireannach é Yatca freisin!” means “and Yatca is an Irish app too!”

      That’s a curious sort of bug you’re seeing there. From the home screen could you go into Options -> About and tell me what version it says after “BlackBerry 9000 smartphone (3G, Wi-Fi)” – it will be v4.6.0.blah and it’s the blah bit I need to know. Thanks.

  8. William Lambton Says:

    Quite a lot of ‘blah’!
    If I omit “agus” will
    I still have a coherent

    • Yatca Says:

      @William Thanks for the info. To be completely accurate, the proper Irish word for a computer application is feidhmchlár so the correct way to say “Yatca is an Irish application” would be “is feidhmchlár Éireannach é Yatca.”

  9. Laurie Desautels Says:

    Very happy with the recent changes you’ve made, especially with filtering and refreshing the timeline. Thanks.

  10. William Lambton Says:

    Previous post here (re new download ‘disappearing’) may have self-extinguished.
    1.3.6 is now installed here, however. All seems well.
    You may recollect I reported a bug with folders.
    Any more on that, maybe? No urgency. Still delighted with Yatca!

    • Yatca Says:

      @William Thanks! Regarding the problem you reported before, I wasn’t able to get to the bottom of that. I couldn’t reproduce it myself, nor could I see how it might be happening. Are you a BES user btw?

  11. William Lambton Says:

    No, just use regular o2
    IRL BB website o2.mail.
    I’ll try folders with updated
    Yatca software and tell
    u if prob remains. Do you
    have an email, please?
    Msging this way (I’m rarely
    on a pc at mo) very
    awkward!! Best regards,

  12. Sheena Jethva Says:

    okay…so i just downloaded yatca 1.3.6 for my bold…and HOT DAYM it kicks twitterberry’s arse. Great job guys!
    I was having such difficulty uploading pics via twitterberry, and you solved my dilemma!!!
    I love the seamlessness of the app, it is just pure ease of use. Integrated in the BB menu, link to send pic along with message…just sheer brilliance.

    thank you.thank you.thank you. you make tweeting on the go better, easier, and faster =)

  13. andreag Says:

    WOW! its a great application!! Works fine on my bb storm 9500! need italian translation?

    • Yatca Says:

      @andreag I’d love to get around to localising eventually. I’ve been really careful to put every string in a resource file so it should be a snap. Unfortunately though, I don’t have enough bandwidth to devote to coordinating that at the moment. But thanks for the offer and I’ll get back to you when the time comes!

  14. Chris Greeley Says:

    Yatca team = A+ job on this client. The only client to have message integration, SO much better than having to open up the app to check updates. Rather you get them real time as a message.

    Question, I am currently running Yatca on 4.6 for my Nextel 8350i and it works great. I might be forced back to a Sprint 8330 with 4.5 for work. I know that with other posts on here mentioned that the Yatca client worked with only the 4.6 messaging proxy. Any way to make a Yatca Lite for 4.5 without say the geotagging, just basically the messaging in the inbox. No extra bells and whistles. You would grow your base by double at least.

    I would be willing to pay for it, hands down. Brilliant application.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Chris Unfortunately the “just basically the messaging in the inbox” is the bit that you can’t do on 4.5. This functionality was only introduced to the BlackBerry OS in version 4.6. However, I’ve just done a search and at least some US carriers were promising 4.6 for the 8330 during Q2. Seeing as it’s now Q3 this might have happened.

  15. kemal Says:

    “The idea of using the BB’s messages’ folders is FIRST RATE!”

    agreed.. I think it’s THE twitter client for blackberry..
    For next improvement, i think you should make user’s sent tweets/replies show up in “Messages” folder as well.

    once again, great app.
    thank you.

    • Yatca Says:

      @kemal You can already get sent tweets/replies to appear in the main Messages list. Simply go into Yatca options and change the filter settings for the relevant class of tweet from ‘Non-Merged’ to ‘Merged’. Thanks!

  16. Cisco Says:

    Love it, simple, clean, efficient……..really don’t need all the overhyped bells of whistles……Keep the project going 🙂 Who knows, RIM may approach you 😀

  17. Matthias Says:

    This is simply the best Twitter Client for the BlackBerry – I am delighted to see this new Version (seeing now full Storm/Storm2 support) – this is really a great App – so easy to use – just wonderful!

  18. William Lambton Says:

    Yes, I think I’ll have the update installed before morningtide.

    I had noticed my version does not enjoy deleting unread tweets filtered to the mon-merged folder once the number grows significantly beyond 99, hence the hunt for an update.

    However, the real solution to this is either to read people’s status updates more often, stop filtering virtually everything or drastically cut down followeds – or all three.

    Indeed!! Refreshing only when idle will mute the cursing mouth!

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