Service release

This release contains no new features but addresses three issues:

1. In some BES environments it is necessary to change the ‘Use BES/MDS when available’ setting to ‘No’. This is because some BES admins do not permit Yatca to communicate with the Twitter (or server. The problem is that even when this setting was changed Yatca was still reporting a ‘Bad Request’ error when trying to verify credentials. This has been fixed in the service release.

2. The yfrog image storage service now requires that Yatca identify itself by supplying a unique key when uploading photos. It cannot be guaranteed how much longer yfrog will continue to accept uploads from Yatca releases that do not supply the key. This change has been included in the service release.

3. The blog post for release 1.7.1 stated that the ‘Use geotagging’ setting defaulted to ‘No’ but this was not actually the case. This has been fixed in this service release. Note however that this change will only apply to a new install of Yatca and not an upgrade from 1.7.1. So if you do not wish to use geotagging please ensure that the ‘Use geotagging’ setting is ‘No’.

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21 Responses to “Service release”

  1. Snyper912 Says:

    Whenever I try to install, I get the following error @ download site:

    This application requires the following module, which is not installed:

    • Yatca Says:

      @Snyper912 Have you seen the note in the ‘Welcome to Yatca’ sticky at the top that Yatca is for OS 4.6 or later? It sounds like you’re running 4.5 or earlier.

  2. Chetan Says:

    YATCA rocks!, But the latest version 1.7.2 after RT , REPLY and compose does not close the YATCA message window, have to manually do it. What I mean is say suppose I want to RT something so I hit Forward and then select ReTweet, now it sends the tweet but the message which I was reading for re-tweet that message window should close by itself and go back to Messages List/INBOX basically. It used to do it in version prior to 1.7.x. Why did it stop??


    • Yatca Says:

      @Chetan Always glad to get feedback from a long time user! Yes a change was made starting with 1.7.1 so that it doesn’t go back to the message list after a reply or forward. This is one of those things where some users want it to work one way, and other users want it to work the other way. Many users (myself included) found that by going back to the message list it interfered with smooth work flow. When catching up on multiple unread items the desired work flow is (1) read, (2) optionally reply or forward, (3) move on to the next tweet by pressing ‘u’. Going back to the message list just messes this up. I’m now realising however that for Storm users who can’t use the ‘u’ shortcut this is probably less compelling (though they can press the menu key and choose the ‘Next Unread’ command). Maybe I should make the behaviour configurable to suit individual user preference?

      • Chetan Says:

        @YATCA yes that would be awesome!!! if you can have that option as user selectable. That way it would be easy to suit every users need. By default you can have NOT to go back to the Message List, which would be okay as one would have an option to change it in Preferences/Options πŸ™‚

        I love the fact that YATCA delivers tweets right in my inbox and best of all now I can even Pause YATCA tweets πŸ™‚ yuppie!!!!


  3. Paul Says:

    Hi, thanks for the great app! I have a tiny feature request

    I tend to only merge tweets that mention me to my inbox, but the “# of unread tweets” indicator at the top of the screen includes non-merged tweets in its count. Since I only read non-merged tweets on my blackberry occasionally, the indicator usually sits at 99 and basically conveys no information. It would be very useful though if there was a setting to have the count only include unread merged tweets.


    • Paul Says:

      The same ability for notifications would be nice too. That is, to only trigger a notification if a tweet is being merged. If I leave Yatca notifications on, my phone is beeping and vibrating non-stop despite only the occasional tweet being directed to me.
      Thanks again!

  4. Azrane Says:

    Found Yatca yesterday and I really love the way it integrates with the OS.

    There’s just one thing that really sticks out in my mind.

    When you go to delete an item in the messages list or when viewing an SMS, e-mail, and so on, the D and C keys are the hot keys for the confirmation to delete, where Yatca uses Y and N.

    Is there any way you could also link to D and C for the sake of conforming with the OS?

    Outside of that little discrepancy, it’s a wonderful client, and I’m keeping it.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Azrane Because Yatca implements its own popup dialogs (instead of using the built-in dialogs) it is much easier to have all questions phrased in such a way that they have a simple yes or no answer. So I’m afraid for now it’ll stay with Y or N. Thanks.

  5. Danielle Says:

    For the next release, would it be possible to have an option for 2 minute update intervals?

    Love the app!

  6. shua Says:

    ok so… i know that multiple accounts has been @ the bottom of the list for a long time… but im started to get hired more as a designer and i have a twitter for my business that i really NEED to post from also. so i ask..


    πŸ™‚ i know your busy though so once again.. i can wait.

    • Yatca Says:

      @Shua Noted!

      • shua Says:

        lol i know πŸ™‚ sorry to keep saying it every release, id would like to say that if you pause refresh. then restart phone. yatca stays paused but the menu says that its not paused. then you have to pause then unpause to get tweets again. also if you hit unpause more than once. a new pause button will show up in the menu for every time you hit unpause.

        just sayin

  7. Jonas Says:


    I’m using Yatca for about 4 months now and I love how it integrates in the OS. A few days ago I wiped my BlackBerry (Storm) and installed the latest leaked system ( I re-installed the latest version of Yatca, but now when I try to start it all I get is a popup with a Java exception: “Uncaught exception: net.rim.device.api.i18n.MissingResourceException”. I think with the old system (.152) I was using an older version of Yatca (one or two releases before this service release), so I’m not sure if the problem is because of the new system version or the new Yatca version.

    If you can provide OTA links to the older versions I could try them on .164 to help you locate the problem.


  8. Scuba629 Says:

    @Yatca I get the same error as Jonas.. This is after installing it on my Bold using .266 os. I have given yatca full permissions and that didn’t fix it either.

  9. Rui Says:

    I have exactly same as Sucuba629-san
    I am using official version OS…
    I have done reloading os, given full permission to yatca, but still same error message comes again and again…

  10. John Says:

    I have installed v1.7.2 on BB OS v4.6.1.168. I keep getting error message – Verification failed: none Connection Handler does not exist. I have tried uninstall, battery pull etc on a nymber of occasions but same error appears. Any ideas? I really love the features and want to get this working.

  11. John Says:

    Yes the problem is still there, i keep trying every few hrs but no luck, just same error. Any suggestiions would be great πŸ™‚

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